5 Dating And Relationship Tips For Successful Single Women

Today’s society makes it evident that more and more females are becoming a great success in their chosen path. Did you know that 30% of businesses in the US are owned by women? This amounts to over 10 million companies and another 1.5 million in total accounts for self-employed ladies. For most of these successful single women who’ve reached the top of their careers, love remains to be a rare and priceless gem. It’s truly one of the few things money cannot buy. In fact, one out of 7 unmarried adults lives alone during these days. That’s roughly about 31 million as compared to only 4 million way back in the year 1950. Moreover, the number of women within the age range of 25-45 years old who are living alone apparently doubled over the past two decades. For those who’ve gotten deep and eventually married, guess what the number one relationship argument is? Money. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way, for there Dating And Relationship Tips that might just work and do wonders for every successful woman:

Successful Single Woman

1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Did you think chances of meeting the man of your dreams would increase with the occasional cutie encounter, spotting a guy in a suit on a business trip, or the once in a blue moon night out at a bar with your girlfriends? Look at this from another perspective. If you live in a small town and you’ve got big dreams, what would you do? You go to the city where the huge corps and the jobs are. You may not know what the odds are, but one thing’s certain- they will not come to you. If you’re living in a small world with scanty men, then go online and search where the horizon is limitless!

2. Leveling the Competition

Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with dating men who make less money than you. Figures don’t really matter, and Mr. Right is not defined as a multi-millionaire mansion, yacht, Ferrari, and private jet owner. He’s more like a guy who can stand on his own two feet and comes with dreams and has an ambition in life. This sounds like the alpha male that can shut off the independent alpha woman in you, and deserves to be matched with the sweet and caring beta that lies within. This evens out the competition fairly well, for no man can possibly compete in both the boardroom and the bedroom!

3. Nurturing the Relationship

Many successful single women find it hard to leave the iron fists and bossy, controlling, micromanaging nature that come with work. Screaming and yelling at your partner about who does more work around the house, about paying the bills and throwing out the trash will only end up with you as the nagger. You may have found Mr. Right but with the wrong approach, you’ll surely lose your man. If you want a fruitful relationship, you’ve got to strive to unleash your feminine side that every man needs and wants. He would come home from work wanting to come home to unwind after a long day. Lingering at the back of his mind is the thought of his wife or girlfriend who will treat and handle him like her husband or boyfriend.

4. The Mother vs The Wife/Girlfriend

If your guy succumbs to your money and becomes the couch potato, like a teenager babied by his mom, then it’s a totally different scene. Still, amidst all the luxuries in life, he resents you just because you’re making all the money. You’ll be better off without this type of guy unless you wish to play the motherly role where your legs are best kept closed. He’s got to learn to pull his weight if he wants to get the reward he would expect from his girl or wife! Set boundaries and delegate tasks so there’s a fair share once and for all. Then you can be the woman of his dreams regardless of your bank account.

5. A Rewarding Experience

Should sex be a form of reward? To successful women, wanting to have sex and giving oral pleasure comes naturally if she’s got a guy who makes her life a lot easier! It can be as simple as cleaning the garage, emptying the bins, and anything else she didn’t even ask for, which he does without her having to say a single word. To a man, this sort of reward is the best thing that can get them motivated! In any relationship, sexual satisfaction is essential to maintain the attraction and keep your partner happy, and if both parties know how to give and take then you’re both in for a rewarding relationship.

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