5 Millionaire Dating Taboos You Shouldn’t Break

Dating a millionaire means that life is going to change for you, but you need to impress your date and win them over if you are going to experience all a millionaire has to offer you. The best way to have success is to know what not to do on a date with a millionaire. Following are 5 millionaire dating taboos to always keep in mind.

Millionaire Dating Taboos

1. Whining About The Date

You may have some expectations in place before your date, but whether a millionaire decides to take you out in their private jet or create a romantic date outside, you should leave your ‘whine’ at home. Not only will whining about the date make you seem ungrateful for all the planning they put into the date, it will also be very unattractive to someone who obviously enjoys where they brought you. Instead, be grateful for the chance to get to know this millionaire better and make the best out of whatever they decided to take you.

2. Getting Needy Or Greedy

A millionaire can live a life that most people only dream about, and that can be exciting to someone who doesn’t have that kind of luxury. Unfortunately, it can also cause them to become needy and expect more from someone who can obviously afford to do so.

Millionaires are acutely aware that people are after their money. If you show any signs of wanting more, you will come across as greedy and as if you are looking for a hand-out rather than a partner. If that’s the kind of relationship you want, a sugar daddy relationship would be better than trying to squeeze out money from a millionaire looking for love.

3. Acting Ungrateful

It may be tempting to let a millionaire know that you don’t need their money in order to be happy, but acting ungrateful about what they do for you is just a slap in their face and a turnoff. In other words, if they buy you a gift on the first date that costs more than your monthly budget, don’t pretend like it doesn’t matter. Be grateful for their thought and generosity, and let them know that their actions were not in vain.

4. Putting Them Down Or Challenging Them

It’s tempting to want to put people in their place if you are feeling threatened by their status, income, or life. Even if you like them. Challenging them is a way to bring them down to your level and make yourself more comfortable. But, the thing to remember is they are on the same level as you.

They are people with dreams, challenges, fears, friends, and family. Your perception of them is what changes who they are. So, instead of viewing them on a pedestal, keep in mind that you are every bit as important and awesome as they are, and let that attitude help you interact with them as a regular human being, which is exactly what they want.

5. Pretending To Like Everything About Them

Millionaires know that they have flaws. Moreover, they know that you are not going to agree with everything they say, do, and believe. While you shouldn’t challenge everything they do and say, you also shouldn’t pretend that they are absolutely perfect. Acknowledging that they are not completely flawless in your eyes is the easiest way to show them that you are not fake and just after their money.

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