5 Millionaire Dating Tips For The Millionaire

Millionaire dating sites cater to millionaires looking for millionaires, as well as millionaires looking for successful people who may not have reached millionaire status yet. If you are a millionaire and open to meeting anyone on a dating site, then you are likely going to find a few people who are not living a millionaire lifestyle yet.

5 Millionaire Dating Tips For A Successful Date

It’s important to understand that someone who is not a millionaire will be coming into the date with some serious expectations. If you want to make it work with them, then following are a few millionaire dating tips to make that happen.

1. Don’t Show Off


There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and it may be tempting to show off what you have and what you can do, but it could push you over that line on a date. Confidence is sexy whereas arrogance is a turn-off.

Only someone who is in it for the money will stick around when their millionaire date has an arrogant attitude, so think of it that way. If you want to attract someone who likes you for you, then be yourself and don’t show off.

2. Watch For Greedy Signs


This is one of those millionaire dating tips that will help you find someone genuine. Someone looking to get at your money may not tell you outright that they are greedy, but there will be signs of greed. If you are successful in life, you probably have a good read on people’s body language, but just in case you don’t, here what to watch for.

  • Tensing up when you talk about money, which shows an uncomfortable feeling around the subject because it is an issue they are focused on.
  • More eye contact and interest when you talk about your material things, which shows more interest in those things than you and your beliefs and likes.
  • Complete lack of eye contact when you discuss your wealth or material things, which shows that they are trying not to show any interest at all, which is ridiculous and fake because they are interested.

3. Play Your Gender Role

Gender Role

Whether you are a millionaire man or woman, it is important to stick to your gender role on dates. If you are a feminine female, then let your date make the decisions, ask you out, and make plans for future dates. Alternatively, if you are a masculine man, be a gentleman on your date. Pull out the chair, make the decisions, and take initiative on the next date.

Why is sticking to gender roles so important? It creates attraction between two people. Feminine and masculine energies are always attracted to each other, even in same-sex relationships. If you try to portray a gender role based on whether or not you are a millionaire, you will have a dating disaster.

4. Keep The Drinks To A Minimum


Yes, you can afford to buy bottles of wine during supper, but a few glasses is more than enough. By limiting the amount of drinks you have, you will be able to clearly see what kind of person you are on a date with and what their intentions are. Moreover, you can avoid doing or saying anything stupid, which will ruin your chances if the person you are on a date with is actually someone you like.

5. Leave All Your Baggage At Home


You’re not perfect, and you shouldn’t be expected to have a perfect history. But, if you bring all your baggage to your date, your date is going to feel like they totally understand why you are a millionaire, but still single. This is one of those millionaire dating tips that is important to remember. You are being judged differently than the average person. When you lead with your problems, you look like your life is full of problems, despite how much you have in it, and that is not an attractive person for anyone who is looking for a serious relationship.

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