5 Best Sugar Daddy Apps of 2019

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In the world of sugar dating, women and men get exactly what they want. Sugar babies get fairly compensated, and sugar daddies get to date women who would otherwise be out of their league. It allows a tit-for-tat transaction: men with decent incomes barter money in exchange for the companionship of generally attractive women. Sugar daddy sites give women a chance to showcase their best features with flattering photos. Sugar daddy apps remain the best way for men and women in the sugar lifestyle to find each other. Here are five of the most popular sugar daddy dating apps that are most likely to turn your dating dreams into reality.

The Best Sugar Daddy Apps For Finding Your Sugar Mate

1. SugarDaddyMeet

SugarDaddyMeet app icon

SugarDaddyMeet started as a sugar daddy site in 2007 before later joining the ranks of sites coming out with sugar daddy apps. Their app is well rated with a 4.3 rating on the Google play store with over 500 reviews. The app features over 1 million users with an approximate 3 to 1 ratio of women to men.

The app allows for free members on both the sugar baby and sugar daddy side, but you’ll need a gold membership starting at $50 a month to initiate chats. The monthly price is actually quite affordable when put in the context of other sugar baby dating apps. The $50 a month premium membership allows sugar daddies to initiate messages, see compatible matches and filter people by geographic location.

The premium membership also allows members many privileges over free users. For example, paid members can view the last login time. This is important since you don’t want to contact a member who is no longer using the app. Imagine trying to arrange dates without knowing if anyone even sees your messages.

SugarDaddyMeet allows sugar daddies to verify income and sugar babies to verify photos. The verification process puts users at ease and allows both sugar daddies and babies to trust that they are who they say they are. Having verified photos makes helps women on SugarDaddyMeet win the trust of sugar daddies. This ability to use trusted, authentic pictures makes it one of the top apps to meet sugar daddies.

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2. SeekingArrangement

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SeekingArrangement is generally regarded as the granddaddy of all sugar baby apps. If a sugar baby is asking her friends which app to try first, they will point her to SeekingArrangement. Sugar daddies who start googling how to get into the lifestyle inevitably will pick up a tracking pixel and start seeing SeekingArrangement ads.

This sugar daddy app has a 4-star rating from over 8,000 users on the Google Play store. From the perspective of the sugar daddy, SeekingArrangement is a gated app. You need to pay $90 a month as a sugar daddy to access the sugar baby listings. Sugar daddies who want to stand out can get a diamond membership which verifies their income and makes sure they’re clear of any criminal history.

Sugar babies don’t need a premium account to use this app effectively, but it does give them advance search filters like net worth and monthly budget to search on. A nice feature of seeking arrangement is that sugar babies can fill in their “lifestyle expectations” in their profiles. This indicates the allowance they are expecting from their sugar daddies. The ranges include moderate, substantial and all the way up to high. Users who are flexible can also state they are open to negotiation as far as what the arrangement will be.

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3. Sudy

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Sudy is one sugar daddy app that has a lot of installs if you believe its number of reviews. It has a four-star rating in the Google play store with over 17,000 reviews. This makes Sudy the most reviewed of all the sugar daddy apps covered here.

The Sudy sugar daddy app makes sugar babies verify their photos and identity in order to get access to the entire app. Sudy generally doesn’t like users to use Instagram filters as it gives an unrealistic expectation in the eyes of the sugar daddy. Snapchat and Instagram filters tend to make a sugar baby look younger than she really is, which can be a big turn off for the sugar daddy when they meet in person.

Once a sugar baby verifies her identity, she can chat with other sugar daddies for free. A premium membership targeted at sugar daddies costs $69.95 a month. This helps ensure that the male members using the app are actually sugar daddies and not “salt daddies” who are lacking the necessary funds to compete in the sugar bowl.

Sudy is more than just a sugar daddy dating app as it allows members to share what’s going on in their lives by posting videos and pictures. Sudy seems more popular with less experienced sugar daddies as well as sugar babies new to the game when compared to an app like SugarDaddyMeet. It may not appeal to the experienced sugar seeker, but it’s not a bad sugar daddy app to have on your phone as a plan b.

4. Luxy

Luxy app icon

The Luxy sugar daddy dating app has a four-star rating on the Google play store with over 2000 reviews. Luxy prides itself on being a trustworthy app. They do this by using a stringent verification system for their users. This helps weed out fake profiles that typically anger sugar daddies on the hunt.

Luxy further ensures user safety by using an anti-scam feature that proactively deletes accounts of scammers who are only interested in playing games. Many in the sugar lifestyle have bad experiences of members asking for wire transfers without even having met one another.

Luxy is advertised as a sort of Tinder without any broken men, but you might go broke using the app. Users often complain that the app charges for everything you want to do, from messaging to just seeing who’s interested in you. Sugar babies also have to pay to message a sugar daddy. This is a bit of an odd arrangement as women are there to get paid. The men are on the app to pay to play, so this might be a shock to a sugar baby using the app.

5. SugarD

DugarD app icon

SugarD is the worst rated sugar daddy app in this roundup with only a 2.9 Google play store rating. It also has the fewest reviews at just over 100.

The SugarD app is completely free to use, though you’ll need a premium membership to message and chat with other members. This sugar dating app has a QuickMatch game where members can swipe right like a profile (and left if they don’t) just like Tinder.

The app also features a social media “Moments” section where members can post updates of what they’re up to. This is a great way for members interested in travel partners to advertise to one another. If a sugar daddy wants to show that he’s into traveling, he can nudge things along by posting photos of his travels around the world.

A big problem with this app is that it’s not well coded. The number one complaint from reading the apps reviews is that it crashes too often. A poor user experience is unfortunately not a winning strategy to win over the app’s intended audience.

Why Did Apple Remove Sugar Daddy Apps for iPhone from the App Store?

SeekingArrangement was well on its way of conquering the world as the number one sugar daddy app for the iPhone. Already popular in the United States, SeekingArrangement became the number one sugar daddy app in China. The increased exposure made government authorities aware of the app, which was the beginning of the end for the app.

The unfortunate result was that the Government of China pressured Apple to remove the app from the App Store. FOSTA legislation was recently passed in the United States potentially holding app owners liable for what users did with their apps. FOSTA’s target was Backpage.com, but it also succeeded in scaring Craigslist to completely remove its personals section. Fearful of being seen as promoting “pay for play” apps, Apple caved in and removed all sugar dating apps from its App Store.

What’s a Sugar Daddy With an iPhone To Do?

Everyone with a smartphone, be it an Android or an Apple phone, likes to reach their various Internet sites using dedicated apps. But since iPhone users no longer have access to many sugar dating apps, how are they going to get around this roadblock?

It turns out that many of these apps have fully responsive websites designed for mobile phone users. The best sugar daddy app just might just be a website instead. This means you can use these “apps” through their websites just fine. Two of the better mobile responsive sugar daddy websites are SugarDaddyMeet and SeekingArrangement.

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