How to Date a Celebrity – Five Steps to Keep in Mind

The thought of dating a celebrity might seem like a flight of fantasy at first, but the truth is that it can happen. While celebrities frequently date other celebrities, many also date the non-famous. To have a realistic chance at dating a celebrity, however, it is important that you place yourself in the proper mindset and circumstances, and this requires “humanizing” the celebrity, being able to see them as a real person with real needs, hopes, fears, and desires. Likewise, it requires elevating yourself without being artificial.

Similar to dating a rich person, getting involved with a celebrity requires planning, preparation, and dedication. It is important to be motivated and self-confident. If you keep the following tips in mind, you will find that securing a date with a celebrity becomes a realistic goal as opposed to a mere fantasy.

1. Don’t Fear Rejection


The thought of being rejected by a celebrity should not bother you. If anything, you should be aware that rejection rates from celebrities are higher than those from their non-celebrity counterparts. The rejection should be expected due to the larger number of suitors they have, as well as the pressures and schedules associated with the celebrity lifestyle. Rejection by a celebrity is far more likely to be for less personal reasons than a refusal by the non-famous. Remember that you may have to face being rejected by multiple celebrities before you can successfully go on a date with one. With each rejection, you gain valuable insight into how celebrities communicate and interact.

2. Research Celebrities


It is important to research the celebrities in whom you are interested, not as a fan, but as a potential partner. Create a list of questions that would give you a clearer picture of how those celebrities think. Create questions that probe their inner selves. Some questions you should find answers for are:

  • What were they like growing up?
  • Did they start from humble beginnings, or did they come from famous families?
  • What is their dating history?
  • Are they extroverts or introverts?
  • What causes do they embrace, if any?

These questions go beyond traditional superficial questions like “what’s their favorite color?” and “what kind of music do they like?” Remember, you want to examine them as people, not idolize their celebrity status.

The internet is a powerful tool for researching your celebrity. Do not limit yourself to articles; also probe videos of candid interviews they have given in the past. Search for material that brings out the real side of the celebrity, not publicity-oriented puff pieces. You will be amazed at how, with a little research, a celebrity becomes more real, more attainable.

3. Establish Proximity


Some people advocate establishing contact with a celebrity before establishing proximity, and this means that you should be prepared to relocate to an area that has large concentrations of celebrities. Media-intensive cities such as Los Angeles and New York are obvious choices, but depending on the celebrities in whom you are interested, other areas are possible. The key is to work or live close to where they are readily found.

If possible, don’t limit yourself to living close; also place yourself within their circles as part of your daily life. Find a job within an industry that interacts with celebrities, and it does not mean that you have to become a star yourself. It can be something as humble as working for a catering company that has contracts with the film and TV industry, or working at a high-end car dealership or restaurant frequented by celebrities. Use the information you gained in your research and ask yourself, “Where would I be likely to encounter such celebrates as a matter of routine?”

If relocating or working in such an area is not possible, make it a point to at least visit areas known for high numbers of celebrities. Visit clubs, bars, restaurants or vacation spots popular among celebrities.

4. “Keep It Real”


Just as the research you conducted on your celebrities helped you establish a clearer image of who they are as people, so should you analyze yourself.

  • Are you looking for a serious relationship with a celebrity or just a fling?
  • Do you want celebrity status yourself?
  • What is your comfort level on being in the public eye?
  • How much, if anything, are you willing to change in your life?

Answering those questions will help you manage your expectations. Obviously, if you are looking for something serious with a celebrity, it may take more dedication on your part as compared to a casual encounter. These answers may even open your eyes to an entirely new group of celebrities whom you hadn’t thought of before.

The most important thing is, to be honest with yourself and to present yourself to the celebrity as you are. Mind you, and this does not mean to be in your “comfy pants” and flip-flops, eating cereal out of the box. Rather, it means to accentuate your positive characteristics. Look your best with what you have. A different hairstyle is fine, but there’s no need to invest in cosmetic surgery. A fashionable wardrobe change is a positive, but don’t go into unneeded debt by purchasing designer brands that you might not be able to afford. Keep abreast of current topics of conversation, but make sure that they are topics you share with your potential celebrity mate, not topics that you memorized only because your research indicated that they liked those topics.

You must make the best impression possible, but it must be within a context you can maintain. Artificial personalities surround celebrities; it is a hazard of their profession. Celebrities live a lifestyle that requires them to be constant “ON.” It should be no surprise that they are more likely to seek a person who can impress them while being real enough that the celebrity feels comfortable being themselves around that person.

5. Opening Paths of Communication


Once you have completed your research, established proximity as best you can, and placed yourself in a positive mindset for dating a celebrity, you must find ways to make initial contact. Do not limit yourself to a single method. The more approaches you use, the better your chances of landing that celebrity date.

Social Media

Following your celebrity on social media, it can be an effective way of establishing the first contact. Avoid frequent generic posts. You must distinguish yourself from the standard fan. Use the insight you gained in your research to make posts that are more likely to resonate with the celebrity. If you discovered a little-known fact about them, use it in the post in an opportune, “natural” way.

The Personal Touch

If you have found a place they frequent, try to be seen there a few times. Establish friendly communication with those who work there. Leave a gift for the celebrity with one of the workers or the manager of the establishment. Make sure the gift is something of interest to the celebrity based on your research. Flowers or chocolates are too impersonal. As an example, leave a simple handwritten note to the effect that you are aware that they enjoy classic vinyl records, and that this is why you left a copy of the Beatles’ White Album, which you hope they will enjoy. Include a phone number or social media account where they might contact you. The response rate to such personalized gifts is far greater than to generic gifts, which are often ignored as being simple fan offerings.

Celebrity Dating Sites

A celebrity’s lifestyle can often be very time-intensive. Incredibly, some celebrities may not have the time that they would like to have to search for suitable dates. Joining celebrity dating sites that cater to a professional clientele can give you an inroad into dating a celebrity. Structure your profile to include details that indicate you are sensitive and respectful of issues of privacy. Make passive reference to the entertainment industry. Even if you do not get responses from celebrities, you will likely get responses from professionals in the entertainment industry; these responses may place you in closer proximity to the celebrities in whom you are interested.

While dating a celebrity is likely not going to be accomplished as part of a weekend project, it is realistic. Remember that research and analysis of the celebrity, as well as of yourself, is important. Accentuate the best of yourself without becoming artificial. Try to gain as much proximity as you can, and do not give up. Celebrities may be wealthy and famous, but deep down they are just people like you. was established to help users find the best possible millionaire dating site for their needs. We do this through in-depth reviews on the different millionaire dating sites available, and our mission is to give our users a firm grasp on which site will help them find their perfect millionaire mate. Check the best millionaire dating sites for 2020 now!

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