How to Marry a Rich Man

While many mentors, religions and marriage counselors generally tend to advise women to marry a rich man for his character rather than his financial status, scientists usually have proven marriages involving rich men’s money have lower divorce rates compared to romantic love’ marriage.

Marrying a rich man will always exceed your expectations and has numerous benefits. However, the thrill of marrying a rich man comes with its challenges which when strategically countered, are easily solved.

Yes, money should be considered when choosing who to spend the remainder of your life with, and it will never be wrong or immoral to do so. Just imagine the challenges that come with marriage and now just add financial struggles to the whole package and what you have is a divorce.

If you still have doubts on whether you should marry a rich man or go for an ‘okay’ guy, then this article will help you erase all doubts and inform you on marrying a rich man. Remember, many rich men are looking for marriage!

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Marry a Rich Man

Disadvantages of marrying a rich man

When you marry a rich man, you may or may not face these problems; but as said earlier, these are small hurdles that can be overcome with the correct attitude and planning.

1. Most women marry a rich man with the idea that they will always come first when there is a choice to make. Things change when a woman marries a rich man

Of course, by the apparent fact that they are rich, it means that they have an entirely different schedule and their priorities are probably different from those of other men. So, do not be surprised when he chooses to work instead of spending the weekend with you. Do not be shocked when he wants money over you. At best, you’ll always come second after everything concerned with his bank balance.

2. Forgetting most life skills is common for women marrying rich men

The only work you will probably have is breathing and enjoying the money as he brings it. Having numerous maids and butlers at your beck and call will make you forget doing basic things such as laundry and cooking.

3. Unfaithfulness is a big hurdle for them

I mean, who can resist a man so successful and able to solve most if not all of their financial troubles?

With the kind of work, they do, they probably travel too much to always be in a place where you can check up on them and worse, they never tag their wives along with their business trips. This means that the chances of them cheating are high. This just adds to the stress associated with marriage.

4. Your kids may grow up without a father figure

Your kids might never have a father figure to coach them on how to be a man and may end up growing missing fatherly care greatly known to influence people’s character. This is because they will always be ‘too busy’ or away for a business meeting.

5. Loosing what they have may be tragic for the both of you

Living an abundant life is very sweet while it lasts. In the case when the man is bankrupt, losing what you had gotten used to might hit both of you hard. Imagine waking up in an apartment with no butler or maid at your beck and call and having to take a bus to work!!

The disadvantages of marrying a rich man may be many but are overshadowed by the numerous benefits of marrying a rich man that are on the table.

Benefits of marrying a rich man

If you wish to know how to marry a rich man, you probably must have a good grip on the benefits of marrying a rich man to have a clear picture and gain the conviction that you are on the right track. Even with the unsettling disadvantages marrying a rich man comes with, it proves to be one of the best life decisions, and this is why;

1. There is no need to stress and tire yourself to keep up with any job

Marry a rich man and be liberated, as there won’t be any need to work. You’ll have everything you need. The money will be available in unending figures. There won’t be the constant haunting thought to look for money to cover your bills or pay for services. This is one of the biggest benefits of marrying a rich man.

2. The money available gives you the chance to turn your dreams into reality

If you’ve had thoughts on how your dream house should be, marrying a rich man assures you of having the dream house within seconds. There is no limit to the customization you can perform on your home. You can even buy a skyscraper in the middle of New York and turn it into your home!

3. You can afford to buy designer and brands

Having unlimited funds means having the ability to buy designer clothing, shoes, watches, perfumes, and everything with a brand tagged on its price without the financial pressure and intimidation that comes with it. These designer apparels feel better, smell good, and last way much longer compared to regular clothing. You wouldn’t even need to decide which to take home as you can buy everything and choose what to wear once you reach home.

4. Access to exclusive individual social clubs

When you marry a rich man, you will gain access to clubs you’ve never heard of; clubs that you never thought you’d join in the first place. These clubs have activities that are bound to blow your mind away. The opportunities provided in these clubs are way above most of everyone’s pay grade and will generally help you enjoy every second of your life.

5. The opportunity of meeting rich and famous people

When you marry a rich man, you get to meet rich or famous people as they are his colleagues or friends. The money also ensures VVIP treatment wherever you go, and this assures you that you’ll brush shoulders with a rich or famous person or celebrity. This is a helpful benefit of marrying a rich man especially if you have future celebrity aspirations and political aspirations.

6. Financial security

Financial security gives you absolute confidence and reduces your stress level and pressure. This is because you do not worry about what will happen or where you will get the money to access various goods and services.

7. The best education for your kids

The money that comes with marrying a rich man ensures the best education for you and your kids. Moreover, these educational expenditures will have no lasting effect on your bank account.

8. Better healthcare and services

Having huge amounts of money will guarantee access to the best hospitals and insurance plans. Also, you will always get special treatment wherever you go which means that there will never be any cause of alarm whenever you need anything.

9. Best dates

The rich man will not take you for dates on traditional standard restaurants unless out of curiosity. You will always go for dates to expensive restaurants with the best dishes and music which in the long term means happiness or both of you.

10. Luxury cars

Luxury cars come as a package with the money. Imagine having to drive a new car every day without the thought of how much the car costs.

11. Vacation homes

Vacation homes are a dream for most families. A rich man would probably have several vacation homes that he and his family can relax in whenever possible.

12. Ample time to practice your hobbies

Time to practice hobby is assured especially with the free time that comes with the vast amount of money he accumulates.

How to attract a rich man for marriage

Attracting a rich man is at the center of how to marry a rich man. By the mere fact that they stand out of the pack, rich men also look for women who are less average.

They seek the following in a woman;

1. Beauty

Rich men looking for marriage consider their partner’s attractiveness. They mainly find women who are beautiful in all aspects such as hair, arms, feet, face among other areas. This means that you have to maintain normal average body weight and shape.

Even so, it would be wise to consider that each man has his taste and whatever one recognizes beautiful might not endear the other. It is, however, necessary to maintain a healthy figure that is easy to maintain as you cozy up to the man of your dreams. Remember that this has to be coupled with other qualities and it is a common myth that you cannot marry a rich man if you are not beautiful.

2. Best personality around

Rich men meet with backstabbers and liars and all sorts of morally corrupt people. It, therefore, would be a relief if they attended a person whom they could trust and a person with the best personality.

You have to stand out. Men want a woman open to their views, slow to criticize and when criticizing, criticize with gentleness, slow to anger and is the last to lose her temper. This is to make their life easier and would get attracted to women offering such traits.

3. Cooking skills

It might sound awkward, but rich men want to have a woman who will cook for them and their friends or colleagues.
Even with the power that comes with the money, most rich men want to have a meal prepared at home by their wives. It is, therefore, necessary for them to have a wife who knows how to cook a good meal.

4. Similar hobbies and interested in their jobs

Rich men looking for marriage want a woman who they can make a conversation about their work and general hobbies with.
A woman who has general knowledge is bound to be more endearing to a rich man compared to one who is only concerned with where or when next will she spend her cash on.

5. Humor

With the stress and pressure that comes with their jobs, rich men want to have a woman who will lighten up their moods and feelings at the end of the day.

You will have to be humorous to some point if you are looking for a rich man to marry.

6. Patience and tolerance

Keeping their bank balances intact is one of the rich men’s concern. When you marry a rich man, you will notice that they will spend sleepless nights and long trips trying to increase or maintain their cash flows.

It is therefore paramount for them to have a wife who will not become a burden by insisting on seeing or having them around. They will be attracted by a woman who is patient and tolerant of whatever is thrown her way.

7. Socialize

If you are looking for a rich man to marry, remember that rich men looking for marriage love women who socialize easily and make friends easily and they consider such women as assets.

8. A willingness to try or explore new areas of life

A woman who is open to adventure would be a catch for a rich man. Of course, your ideas of experiences might collide but having an open mind and being ready to answer when he calls is attractive.

How to find a rich man to marry

Even if you know how to marry a rich man, the knowledge would be useless unless you knew how to find a rich man to marry. Finding a rich man to marry involves going to places where there is a high likelihood of meeting one.

Rich men are likely to be found in areas where there is privacy and away from the hustle and bustle that comes with public places. The easiest and best way to find a rich man would in today’s generation probably be through rich men dating website.

There are many meeting places for rich men such as golf courses, exclusive clubs, charity events, sports bars among many other places.

Advice on dating a rich man

1. Never show or think that money is the essence or core fabric of the relationship

This is the necessary advice on dating a rich man. This is significant character-rich men meet in their everyday life. It is, therefore, a surprise when they meet someone who doesn’t consider their money a big deal or a factor to make a fuss about. This is a dating a rich man advice to embrace if you are looking for a rich man to marry.

2. Being above average is not sure bet that you will marry a rich man, being yourself might just do the trick

Contrary to traditional and common myths, rich men are also men, and they consider women usually just as other men do. Therefore, going out of your financial extremes to please someone is never a wise idea. Be different

3. You will probably make more sacrifices if the marriage is to last

Keeping a rich man attracted to you for a lifetime might not be an easy task, and at the same time, it might be one of the easiest jobs you ever had. It all depends on whether you know which buttons to press and when.

Always make sure he comes first. As much chauvinistic as this may sound, it would probably be wise to be more submissive to avoid giving him reasons why not to have you around in the first place.

4. The wisest advice on dating a rich man is to welcome changes as they come

Keeping his money and assets in check involves enormous amounts of pressure from time to time. The pressure might force new habits and behaviors, and you should be quick to notice the shift and adapt accordingly.

5. Create an environment of trust, loyalty, and comfort

Be a solace for him since he is surrounded by people who wouldn’t miss the chance to take his place. This is the most attractive factor and is the simplest advice on dating a rich man.

6. Be fun to be around with

Being a person filled with fun might get him addicted to your company which is an excellent way to get his attention and love.

7. Take time to know them better

If you met your man on a ‘marry a rich man dating site,’ take time to know them better. Do not be in a hurry to finalize things.



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