Where to Meet Rich Men in Houston

Houston, TX may be in the South, but it is no small country town. It’s a vibrant city with fantastic restaurants, music, top-tier universities and big businesses. It’s also home to some of the richest men in the world. From ranchers, to bankers, to doctors, you will find millionaires both plentiful and worth your time. Not sure where to find your match? We are breaking down the top spots to meet rich men in Houston.

Because Houston is a unique city, there is no “typical” type of rich guy. That’s why this list has a little bit of everything. You will find variety based on the kind of affluent man you want to meet.

The one street name all wealthy Texas gentlemen know? Westheimer Road. You’ll see that almost all of our hot spots are located on this classy stretch of asphalt. It’s no accident – it runs through some of the richest neighborhoods and is home to Space City’s classiest venues.

The 10 Best Places to Meet Rich Men in Houston

white high-rise buildings (photo credit: Vlad Busuioc)

1. a’Bouzy

If you are a lover of fine champagne, carefully crafted food and men with loads of money, this is the spot for you. The creative name comes from the venue’s most famous activity – popping bottles. Guests shout “ah boozy” as the cork pops off. The jaw-dropping wine list features bottles that cost as much as $2,000.

It sits in the heart of River Oaks (Houston’s most affluent neighborhood). The outdoor patio is perfect on a sunny Houston afternoon. With perfectly sweet décor and seats meant for lounging, you could spend all afternoon here. And we recommend you do! If you envision a Sunday Funday to meet rich singles, look no further.

When wealthy men want to celebrate in Houston, this is where they go. And these rich men like to party, but prefer the vibe of a sunny afternoon to a crowded nightclub. Sound like your style? Get in line to mingle and meet these affluent men.

2. Pappa’s Bros. Steakhouse

Sitting farther west on Westheimer, is one of the many Pappas concepts. The steakhouse has been in this location for almost 50 years. It’s a Houston institution. If the history isn’t enough to convince you, the ambiance will. The décor is modeled after a 20th-century man cave. Rich men feel confident and at home as soon as they enter – which also means they are ready to find a date.

The wealthiest of the wealthy don’t fool around when it comes to service, and Pappas more than delivers. Their clientele expects to be waited on and treated with importance. When you dine at this Houston steakhouse, you will feel like their most important patron.

Affluent men insist on the finest quality red meat, which Pappas consistently delivers. Still not sure? Check out their parking lot. It’s full of Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Maseratis.

3. Tongue Cut Sparrow

Do you dream of reliving the roaring 20s? Of mystery and intrigue? Of secret passageways and unmarked doors? Rich Houston men do. And that’s why you will find them at Tongue Cut Sparrow. The speakeasy bar is located behind their sister bar, Anvil Bar & Refuge. But be careful, if you don’t look carefully you might miss it. That’s because Tongue Cut Sparrow lies beyond an unmarked door.

It is one of Houston’s most intimate places. The bartenders pay close attention to their customers, so space is limited to just 20 exclusive guests. As long as you call ahead to make a reservation, you can enjoy a cocktail and meet affluent singles.

More often than not, a group of rich guys will drop in after a long day closing deals at the office. Ask one of them if you can join and see where the night takes you.

4. MAD

At the far corner of one of Houston’s premier shopping districts, you’ll find an innovative and imaginative bar and restaurant. MAD (as in the acronym for Madrid’s airport) is a contemporary Spanish eatery featuring tapas, creative cocktails and a hoppin’ social scene.

The dark restaurant bursts with pops of color, making you feel like you are somewhere between a horror movie and an amusement park. There are plenty of quaint little tables for an intimate conversation with affluent men.

Wealthy men of Houston like it because they can take a trip to Spain without dealing with the pain of travel. MAD’s sister restaurant, BCN, didn’t make our list but it’s also a great spot to land a rich man in Houston.

5. Mastro’s

The second steakhouse on our list is also a likely a spot for you to encounter a wealthy man in Houston. It’s located near the famed Post Oak Hotel, a favorite place for Houston’s elite. Mastro’s huge chandeliers and crisp design lines put Texas’ wealth on display. It’s glitzy and over the top, but what else do you expect from a restaurant that caters to the most affluent people in Houston?

The astronomically priced meals are worth the bill. Some of their finest cuts will cost you over $500 per steak. That cost doesn’t scare away their single male diners. Mastro’s has a reputation for serving beautiful, rich people delectable food – and we can confirm that’s true.

6. Bloom & Bee

Also within the glamorous Post Oak Hotel is a fresh, locally inspired eatery. The enchanting dining destination is focused on the atmosphere as much as what graces the plates. The dining room features pops of bright pink and floral tones. The floor to ceiling windows provide natural light to the restaurant’s abundance of fresh floral arrangements.

After meeting your rich, single man at lunch, you might continue the conversation at one of the hotel’s secluded pool cabanas or in its 5-star spa.

7. Le Colonial

Le Colonial transports you to an entirely different part of the world. Head to 4444 Westheimer Road if you are ready to tantalize your taste buds and have a one of a kind dining experience. The eatery is modeled after French influences in Vietnam. You’ll enjoy inventive fusion dishes and an exotic ambiance with a place to meet rich guys in every corner.

The dark wood contrasts with the crisp linens and vibrant green plants. The colors and textures make you feel like you are in the jungle – all while remaining inside the city of Houston.

Don’t end your night after dinner. The second-floor bar turns into an upbeat club for late-night partiers. Wealthy guys especially love it because it’s classy and fun. The drinks flow and the music pumps, but the crowd always fits the bill.

8. Central Market

When you think of places to meet affluent men in Houston, a grocery store might not come to mind, but Houston supermarkets are in a league of their own. A destination in and of itself, Central Market is much more than a typical grocery store.

Featuring a wine bar, restaurant and a fresh cocoa bar, you can make a date night and pick up your ingredients for the week. The weekly events always attract eligible wealthy men in the area. Choose from wine tastings, olive oil sampling, cooking classes and more.

Another tip? Meet your affluent man in the snack aisle. He won’t be expecting the encounter, which is the perfect opportunity to charm him while debating the best flavors of chips.

9. Tony’s

Located in Greenway Plaza, Tony’s Restaurant is where the uber-wealthy men dine. It is known to serve a clientele that’s considered “old money.” Renowned for the outstanding flavors hand-picked by founder and Houston icon, Tony Vallone, every rich man in Houston loves this spot.

With nods to Italian dishes, the eclectic menu is served in a location tucked away from the noise and bustle of the city. The dining room is home to priceless sculptures and art. Before or after your meal, you will often see men loitering around the bar hoping to meet the woman of their dreams.

10. Brasserie 19

Brasserie 19 is one of Houston’s finest restaurants to see and be seen. It has a reputation of hosting large get-togethers where diners easily spend thousands. Between the clean all-white dining room and the French-inspired outdoor patio, the luxurious attention to detail is unmatched.

The plates are small and dainty, but that doesn’t deter Houston’s richest men from frequenting this eatery. Located on West Grey and situated snuggly between downtown and River Oaks, you will find affluent men from all walks of life.

If you have room for dessert, order their signature cotton candy. The sky-high sweet treat features a mini firework that will attract some desired attention to your table.

Last Thing

Remember, everything is bigger in Texas – including the number of rich men! If you are in search of a single Houston millionaire, you will find them at any of these spots.

When in doubt, stop by a place that you can’t afford. It’s a good place to start. Pretty soon you’ll meet the right one and see yourself on this list of Houston millionaires.

a’Bouzy2300 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX
Pappa’s Bros. Steakhouse5839 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX
Tongue Cut Sparrow424 Westheimer Rd Ste B, Houston, TX
MAD4444 Westheimer Rd Suite C180, Houston, TX
Mastro’s1650 W Loop S, Houston, TX
Bloom & Bee1600 W Loop S, Houston
Le Colonial4444 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX
Central Market3815 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX
Tony’s3755 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX
Brasserie 191962 W Gray St, Houston, TX


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