Where to Meet Rich Men in Montreal

Finding rich, high caliber men is hard! These are sentiments you would probably hear from single women in Montreal and across the globe. The question is, how easy or difficult is it to meet rich men in Montreal? With the advent of dating sites that caters to “high league individuals” the likes of EliteSingles and affluent men dating; most women think that bugging billionaires have been made easy. Quite easy. Here lies the greatest problem.

Rich and wealthy men are not on popular dating sites, period! Truth is, they do not even have the time for dating sites. If you are not careful, you will find yourself wasting time on endless dates with average Joe’s who are not up to par. Here are the top selected places to meet rich guys in Montreal.

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Top places to meet rich singles in Montreal

Summit Park, Westmount

Summit park Westmount is one of the wealthiest and affluent suburbs in Montreal. According to a report by the Canadian business magazine, the area’s average household income is $10,895,782. Meet affluent men by hanging out in the Westmount’s woods and hiking trails. The good thing is, hiking is one of the activities you could engage in without having to dig deep into your pocket.

One golden tip from billionaire matchmakers is that you shouldn’t look like you are searching when you visit these places. Do you love hiking? Go to Summit Westmount to enjoy it, you may just meet the rich guys you have been looking for.

National Food Shop

Do you crave salads? Well, you could meet your dream affluent man in a grocery shop. Located at 4903 Sherbrook St W Westmount, Quebec, the National Food Shop is a great place to shop for groceries with so much value. Their shelves are stocked with a variety of food imports and healthy foodstuff. Additionally, the staff is really friendly and great at what they do. You might just bump into a rich man here.

Hudson Avenue Fitness Centre

Certainly, one of the best gyms in Montreal, Hudson Avenue fitness center offers individual training programs for its members. They personalize workouts for their members making training to be a more fun exercise. You do know that rich and affluent men keep physically fit. Besides, working out is one of the activities that frees them from their busy schedule. Visit this high-end gym to meet rich men in Montreal. It is located at 4880 Sherbrooke St W #120, Westmount, Quebec.

Le Club Chasse et Peche

Fine dining at Le Club Chasse Peche is what takes you to a parallel universe each time you visit the place. The word club is a word used to describe something private or something special. Le Club is certainly a restaurant that is top in the rich people’s bucket list. What’s more, it is very common to bump into celebrities in this restaurant. Its location on Saint Claude St makes it discreet, it takes away the hustle and bustle of Vieux Montreal.

The restaurant serves contemporary cuisine that you can hardly find anywhere. Does the description sound similar to what rich and affluent guys look for? There you go, visit Le Chasse to have the chance to meet rich singles.

Holt Renfrew Ogilvy store

Holt Renfrew Ogilvy store tops high-end boutiques and luxury department stores in Montreal. Its concessions have been opening slowly since 2019. Obviously, this is a place you have to visit to mingle with rich single men. The stores feature full ready-to-wear shoes, bags, and high-end accessories from famous designers such as Chanel, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci among others. All of the 11 concessions on the main floor are operated by luxury brands.

Holt Renfrew Ogilvy is located at Saint Catherine St 1307 West Montreal, Quebec. Not only will you get the best shopping experience in this store but also have a chance to meet your dream affluent man.

Where the affluent, single men of Montreal play

Casino de Montreal

Rich men in Montreal who love to indulge can be found living it up in this casino found in the Parc Jean-Drapeau neighborhood. For twenty-four hours, seven days a week, the 120 gaming tables and 3000 slot machines remain open for you to meet rich single men who have the time and resources to splash.

Like flies attracted to the porch light at night, affluent men in Montreal flock to the Casino de Montreal to enjoy the four restaurants that cater to expensive tastes as well as quick snacks. As the hub for gaming and entertainment, Casino de Montreal also boasts of the Cabaret, a performance hall that can accommodate up to 500 guests at a time.

Wunderbar and Bily Kun

To meet rich guys in Montreal; the eligible type who are ready to mingle, you have to meet them where they are. Consider exploring the nightlife in Montreal. Cocktail lounges and wine bars are the playgrounds for fantastic interiors which are good conversation starters perfectly created for sophisticated evenings out.

Wunderbar will give you a taste of the best that Montreal has to offer. They are well known for their inventive cocktails which have become a favorite among well-heeled guests.   

Bily Kun offers the ambiance that attracts the exclusive affluent bachelors of Montreal. Suite 701 is known for its fashionable attorneys and business elites who love fine scotch. Ville Marie tower, located at 737 feet above sea level will serve you just right if you are interested in meeting the rich men while you are tapping your foot to relaxing music and awesome views of Montreal City.

Leafy suburbs of Montreal

It may sound a bit obvious but if you want to meet rich singles, the best chance is living in their midst. Ville-Marie, Old Montreal, and Golden Square Mile are neighborhoods that the affluent reside in.

You might not be rich enough to afford an apartment in these leafy, exclusive suburbs; still, you can frequent the boutiques, parks, and cafes around these neighborhoods. If you do, you place yourself in a position where you can meet rich men in Montreal.

The Central Business District (CBD)  

Successful bankers, insurers, financial and investment consultants taking home six-figure cheques together with other benefits can be found in the CBD, as well as the busiest commercial avenue; Saint Catherine Street.

High-end department stores litter these areas. To meet the rich affluent men of Montreal, you can hang out in Holt Renfrew or Les Cours Mont-Royal shopping center. Other streets where rich bachelors love hanging out include; Cresent, de la Montagne, Maisonneuve among many others.

Hang out in places where the geeks love

They may be socially awkward, but their computer skills and software expertise bring them six-figure salaries annually. What’s more, they are young, smart, and open to trying out new things. The provincial government has subsidized video game jobs, encouraging lead game developers to invest in the Montreal gaming industry.

Billions of dollars are generated every year from studios such as Strategy First, Eidos Interactive, Artificial Mind, Bioware among other publisher studios.

If you want to meet rich singles in Montreal, you can opt for the geeks. They have money to spend.

Herein lies all the tips and information of all the places you need to visit if you want to meet rich men in Montreal and make meaningful, long-term connections that will see you go further in life. Step out with confidence, go after your dream guy today and start living the life you have always dreamed of.


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