Where to Meet Rich Men in NYC

Ever wondered why NYC is memorably known as the City that Never Sleeps? Well, it certainly is because the city actually never sleeps. Bustling from midday to midnight and round the clock, NYC is the place for everything – the good, fair, and the questionable. And not least of all, NYC is the land of opportunities to connect with wealthy people. Regardless of the purpose, you can always meet rich men in NYC.

Rich men in NYC is not another cliché. Instead, it perfectly describes a crop of gentlemen that wield mind-blowing wealth and affluence. Here in NYC, you can always meet rich men that will fulfill your every desire. They range from investment bankers, white-shoe lawyers, Fortune 500 executives to entrepreneurs. This crop of individuals is the more reason NYC is the place to watch your expectations turn into a reality.

However, you won’t stumble on the perfect gentleman on a random street corner in NYC. They are always at the most strategic of place befitting their status. This article compiles a list of top-rated places where you can meet rich men in NYC. If you’re looking to start the adventure of a lifetime with a millionaire, browse this list to find out the right places to be.

Skyline Photo of Empire State Building in New York City (photo credit: Roberto)

The 10 Top Rated Places to Meet Rich Men in NYC

Beyond jobs, businesses, vacation, and political power, there’s also a spark to the United States’ largest city everyone recognizes. And that’s the fantasy and romance the city boasts of each passing day. Among the people who daily flock into NYC are women looking to meet rich singles, and men also looking to complement their high standing.

If you find yourself right in the former category, there’s news for you. It’s easier to meet rich men in NYC than you think. The right place and the right timing are just enough to do the trick. Below, you’ll find the best places to meet rich guys in NYC.

1. Eataly

Call it a double entendre, Eataly sure tastes precisely the way it sounds. Eataly is an Italian store comprising the most ambitious cafes, restaurants, and grocery shopping spots known to NYC. Eataly Flatiron is located at 200 5th Ave, New York City.

Its Caffé Lavanna and the SERRA Stellata are chart-topping spots to meet rich singles in NYC. From its wide range of meals and service options, you can always meet affluent men ready to spend four figures on Eataly, and if you wish, you.

2. Larry Flint’s Gentlemen Hustler Club

Adult entertainment clubs are expensive. So, it shouldn’t be surprising if you meet only the millionaires of NYC frequenting Larry Flint’s Gentlemen Hustler Club. Indisputably one of America’s finest strip club, the Hustler Club is the home of gentlemen. The Club’s location is 641 W 51st Street, Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.

You can always meet rich men in the Cigar Lounge while they tune in to UFC. Otherwise, the strip arena is a perfect spot. If you exploit your chances well, you can allure the richest of men from the rooftop to wherever you want them.

3. Madison Square Garden

Any list that doesn’t sport MSG as a place to meet rich men in NYC may as well need some amendment. Being one of the foremost arenas globally, the Madison Square Garden is the home for highly-priced concerts, movie premieres, and sports events. It is located at 4, Pennsylvania Plaza, New York City.

Top tier visitors have exclusive tickets for private access to MSG’s bar, restaurants, and Garden Terrace. As expected, with entry to the Madison Square Garden’s premier areas, you can meet rich guys of all shades and occupations.

4. Per Se

Located at Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle in NYC, Per Se is a restaurant that fuses French and New American appeal. Per Se enters the top places to meet rich men with award-winning service offerings.

With classy meals getting as high-end as $700, it is the undisputed home for the rich and famous of NYC. So, ladies, grab a jacket and a seat at a fantastic spot. It doesn’t get any easier to meet a rich guy in NYC.

5. Masa

Masa claims a spot as the most expensive restaurant in the Big Apple. It offers quality meals and a serene space for the rich men of NYC looking to dine after the day’s stress. With its Japanese and intercontinental dishes, only those at the top echelon can be confident of seats at Masa – it’s that competitive. If you’re looking to upscale your status with a single man at the top of NYC’s social ladder, Masa is the place to find him. Masa is at 10, Columbus Circle, NYC.

6. Eleven Madison Park

Safe to say, Eleven Madison Park is the pack leader both in terms of its male visitors’ wallet size and the quality of fine dining. Located at precisely 11 Madison Avenue in New York, the restaurant serves a tremendous tasty menu in a classic indoor space. Sitting pretty close to Madison Square Park, the restaurant offers an unrivaled experience. It’s undoubtedly one of the coziest spots to meet rich guys in New York City.

7. Le Bernardin

Seafood is an exquisite commodity in NYC. So, the best restaurant offering a selection of seafood draws on the best and fairest of customers. The restaurant is at 155, W 51 St., NYC. With a vast menu range and luxurious environment, you can meet rich singles at this location. This award-winning restaurant draws the finest of local and foreign rich men from all of NYC. It’s effortlessly one of the best places to meet wealthy people in the city.

8. University Club of New York City

NYC isn’t merely home to rich and exquisite men. It also boasts of beautiful academics with an affluent status. If your choice is a rich young man with a top-notch intellect, then the University Club is your ready venue. The Club features masterpiece architecture and quality food services. While entry is usually based on requirements, you can always get in to scoop an audience with NYC’s finest gentlemen. The Club is located at 1 W 54th Street in New York City.

9. Momofuku Ko

The Momofuku Ko is another top spot to meet affluent men in New York City. The restaurant is located at 8, Extra Pl, NYC. It offers Asian-based American cuisine. Boasting premium prices for most of its offerings, Momofuku Ko is very relaxed and beautiful. Its outdoor dining is also a top choice for the wealthy folk across NYC and its environs. Grab the opportunity to get an unforgettable meal experience while you meet rich singles in the city.

10. Jean-Georges

Finally on the list is the Jean-Georges restaurant. The restaurant is an elegant and highly rated venue attracting the best of gentlemen NYC can claim. Popularly regarded as a sophisticated Haute French restaurant, Jean-Georges has a reputation for elegant architecture. With the restaurant at the beginning of Central Park West in NYC, you are sure to meet rich guys in this location.

Final Words

Meeting wealthy men in NYC allows you to explore prospects. It’s a chance you’ll love to take. However, in the many locations where you can meet rich singles, there are several tips you should consider. Notably, different venues call for special dressing. Some restaurants require jackets and ties for men and dresses for women. On the flip side, others allow casuals or even burlesque wears.

Moreover, be strategic about your timing. Most locations are best visited in the evening. You may also want to check out for entry requirements and weigh your budget. In the end, your dream of meeting affluent men should drive you to prepare adequately for the big moment.


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