Where to Meet Rich Men in San Francisco

One of the most important trading centers located on the Pacific shore is the city of San Francisco. This city located on the western coast of the United State is known for its entrepreneurship and other various business activities. The concentration and the diversity of business ideas in this part of the United State makes it easy for you to meet rich men in San Francisco who are ready to take care of your lifestyle and romantic needs. These rich businessmen are not found in every part of San Francisco but few selected areas. In this article, we will be discussing these areas and some other spots where rich men can be found in San Francisco.

San Francisco
View of City Street (photo credit: Pixabay)

Places To Find Rich Men In San Francisco

Below are some places where rich men can be found in San Francisco.

• Denizens of the Silicon Valley

Located in the Southern part of San Francisco Bay Area is Silicon Valley. The presence of Silicon Valley adds to the financial prowess of San Francisco. You might be wondering how the originators came about the name “Silicon Valley” well, it’s named so because it comprises the world’s bests. Some of these high-tech companies include; Facebook, Yahoo, Google, eBay, Oracle, Adobe, and many others. These high-tech companies in Silicon Valley have made San Francisco a center of the world’s best techies that are capable of making millions annually.

This annual revenue could be earned directly from the enterprise they own or as salaries. These billionaire techies started from small tech business setups before getting to this point. Some of these companies that blew up from little startups and have their headquarters in San Francisco include; Salesforce.com, the Wikimedia foundation, Twitter, and Craigslist. These billionaire techies are also interesting to date because most of them are young. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example, the founder of Facebook. Mark is just twenty-six years old and this young techie is worth $6.9 million dollars.

• The haven for wealthy vacationers

Everyone knows that the mainstay of San Francisco’s economy is tourism. The city and its landmarks are popular mainly because of their frequent portrayal in entertainment- movies, music, and lots more. San Francisco among all other US cities recorded the third highest tourist visits in 2009. Some of the tourist attractions in San Francisco include; Pier 39, Alcatraz island, and lots more. These two locations remain favorites for tourists. Most rich men in San Francisco don’t really visit the tourist centers in San Francisco; they prefer staying at luxurious hotels, so if you’re looking to meet these rich men, you might have to extend your search to expensive hotels and resorts in San Francisco.

Some of these hotels and resorts include; Argonaut, Four Seasons, Fairmont, Hilton, Clift Hotel San, and a few more. During your hunt, focus on areas that have the most exclusive holiday treats. Some of these areas include; Peninsula and South Bay. Some of these tick folks might also decide to try out their skills on the beach. Some of the beaches they visit include; Ocean beach and China beach. Some of these folks might also turn out to be nature lovers. These ones can be found at Golden Gate Park or at Rodeo Beach watching birds.

• Hub of Finance professionals

San Francisco is ranked one of the most important centers of finance in the United State. This achievement is as a result of the California Gold Rush that was established in the twentieth century. San Francisco still maintained its significance and this is obvious because most successful financial institutions and multinational companies have their headquarters in San Francisco. In the Financial street of San Francisco,  a street was named “Wall Street of the West” and this is sole because the street comprises reputable financial institutions headquarters. Some of these institutions include; Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and Wells Fargo. The concentration of these companies in these streets indicates the presence of rich workers like bankers, managers, and others.

To meet affluent men, you need to visit chill zones close to the Financial streets, because these rich workers might just decide to visit one of these areas to relax after the day’s work. These chill zones could be upscale bars and golf clubs.

• Affluent Neighborhoods

The easiest way to meet rich singles in San Francisco is by living close to them. The northeast quadrant of San Francisco has the best houses and this is where you will find these rich men. Some of the neighborhoods you can find in the Northeast quadrant include; Russian hill, Sea cliff, Pacific heights, Nob hill. An average lady might not be able to afford houses in this neighborhood you can still mingle with the rich men as long as you’re close by. Could be when you’re going for a morning jog or probably at a coffee shop close to the neighborhood.

Moving on, we will be discussing meeting rich guys at Health clubs in San Francisco and some tips that could help make the meet smooth.

An on Treadmill (photo credit: William Choquette)

Health clubs meet in San Francisco

Meeting rich men at health clubs is like killing two birds with one stone. Visiting the health clubs improves your general health and also helps you accomplish your goal. These health clubs we’re talking about should be the exclusive ones. You need not worry about membership as there are ways you can go about it that you will not need.

• Free Passes

Some clubs allow for free passes but this will not stop them from also enlightening you on the benefits of being a member of their health club. You can easily escape this phase by letting them know you’re just at the health club to sight-see but if they don’t succumb to this, let them know your real aim.

• Late Morning is Best

Another thing that you should also take into consideration is time. Rich guys in San Francisco are always cautious of their time and they don’t just visit the health clubs at any time. To meet rich men at health clubs, you’ve to be wise about your time.

You rarely find rich men in San Francisco at health clubs very early in the morning. They understand the place will be crowded and they always try to avoid crowds. They also try as much as possible to avoid weekends because the same thing happens. The best time to visit a health club and find wealthy men with an expensive lifestyle is late in the morning or sometimes late in the evening. During this period rich men that are married will have to be at home with family but the single ones which are your target will have no reason to be home so they tend to visit the health club.  

Once you’ve gained entry into the club, put up a friendly look, this attracts men. Scan the room, look out for rich men on stationary bikes, treadmills, these ones will really want to have a conversation. Take the machine closest to them and wait for them to start a conversation, if he doesn’t engage you in a conversation, he’s probably married, move on.

Sometimes, these men find it difficult to start a conversation. However, you can make things easy for them by starting up the conversation yourself. Don’t know how to start? How about “is this your first time here?” or “I find it hard to use this machine can you help?” If he really wanted to have a conversation, he would jump at the opportunity to put you through. Make sure you take note of their expressions. If you sense that he feels irritated at the intrusion, withdraw your request by saying “Never mind, I got a hang of it already” and move on.

Remember, you’re at the club to meet rich single men, don’t waste your time approaching marriage and don’t see the presence of a wedding ring as a criterion. Most married men feel carrying out exercises with rings on is very uncomfortable so they tend to take it off.

• How do you know he has money?

Most men always look sweaty in health clubs so how do you spot the rich men? Firstly, you need to understand that for him to be at the health club, he must have a decent level of income but how much does he have? You can start off the conversation with the news headline as most of them are always interested in news updates.

After conversing for about 7 minutes, bring up this question, “Why did you choose this time to be at the club? Thinking about your business?” This question will let you know a whole lot about the rich man. Don’t ever ask direct questions like “Are you married?”, “What do you do for a living?” Most rich men tend to see you as a gold digger when you ask these types of questions.


Of course, dating sites like MillionaireMatch.com and a few others are available and you can easily meet people on these sites. However, these dating sites aren’t the best, most rich men don’t use these sites. Besides, there are lots of scammers on these sites and this is also one of the things rich men in San Francisco are trying to avoid. The best way to meet rich men in San Francisco is by approaching them physically. This might be a bit difficult but the tips discussed in this article will definitely be of help.


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