Where to Meet Rich Men in Toronto

Let’s be realistic folks!

We are too bored to meet the same type of guys over and over again. It’s time to give yourself a little break and look for the men who trump them all. Life’s not about partying all the time.

You need to get your stuff done as well. You can’t do that by meeting frat boys, varsity chaps, hipsters, and the old one-hit wonders. When it’s time for you to settle in your life, you need to meet rich guys and this guide will help you meet rich men in Toronto.

So, if you are ready to meet affluent men in the city of Toronto here’s the list of the best places in the city to find them.

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10 Best Places to Meet Rich Men in Toronto

1. Arcane 461 King Street West

Arcane is located right in the center of the city so it is accessible from all corners of Toronto. It is the most suitable place to meet rich men in Toronto. The place fuses highly sophisticated undertones of Baroque that have a contemporary design with a modern-era sound, visual effects, and lighting.

It has a 4K display that spans 30 feet throughout the interior and serves as a backdrop for a range of different exotic performers. This place is shrouded with mystery and most of the Toronto elite and young singles love to hangout here. It is immensely captivating and enticing with its perfect blend of atmosphere and design.

It also has a bohemian-style lounge with a total space of 8000 square feet. There is a 2000 square feet patio as well that provides you the experience of an oasis within the busy city. There are signature cocktails and top-shelf spirits available and a VIP bottle service for larger groups and parties. This is one of the top places in Toronto to meet rich singles.

2. Montecito 299 Adelaide Street West

One thing that the rich in Toronto love to do is spend on high-quality wines, and why not…! there are several places in the city to find the finest wines and champagnes. One such place is the Montecito Bottle Shop.

This place has a large collection of red wines, white wines, rose, sparkling, and champagnes. It is indubitably one of the best places to meet rich men in Toronto.

And it’s not just about the wines and drinks. This place has a very subtle ambient atmosphere that is extremely soothing to the senses. If someone wants to get away from the busy metro area, this is the right place to enjoy wine with some rich guys of the city.

3. The Spoke Club 600 King Street West

The Spoke Club is another finest place to meet affluent men in Toronto. The club has extended memberships to all the elites of the city and this is their hub. The food is brilliant and there are numerous other activities in which you may participate.

It’s all about drama, mystery, ambiance, beautiful background music, and of course, the rich guys of the city. This place also has the finest collection of wine.

The club is closed for the moment and there are renovation projects underway spearheaded by Giannone Petricone; one of the elite architects in Toronto. The club has so much on offer for the coming year. It will be an ideal place to meet rich men of the city as they will be waiting to explore the New Spoke Club.

4. Soho House 192 Adelaide Street West

The Soho House is present in the old Georgian building that began its life as a hotel. The House is located right in the heart of the city; in the Bishop Block neighborhood. So, it is the place that attracts the elite crowd from all corners of the city.

The Soho House has a club bar where you can get comfortable right by an open fireplace along with a grand piano placed in the main room. It also has a cub library that is a conventional space with a wood panel. It is a place to meet friends and read books. There is also a patio where you can catch some sun rays while eating out on the street-facing terrace.

On the rooftop, there is a bar that has very relaxed seating and you can enjoy the views of the islands and downtown area. The food here is mouth-watering and huge in variety. No wonder it attracts a lot of rich people to the city.

5. The Chase 10 Temperance Street

When we talk about the class, it closely competes with the 5-star dinners in terms of cuisine quality and taste. If you are looking for some delirious tasting meals with elegance, this is the place you need to visit.

And along the way, you might find the man of your dreams. This place caters to private events and book reservations. You can enjoy brilliant food right on the rooftop under the sky. The Chase also has the finest collection of wines. Anyone who has a massive bank balance will love to hang out here. That’s why The Chase is the place to meet rich guys of Toronto.

6. The One Restaurant 116 Yorkville Avenue

The One is the creation of Chef McEwan and located in the chic Hazelton Hotel. This place has a sumptuous bar and features a candle-lit, tree-lined patio. There are lavish dining rooms that always creates an immersive experience at any time of the day you visit.

The restaurant has a long list of high-quality cuisines and desserts on offer. Plus, at the bar, you can enjoy different types of beverages. This place also books special events and when it comes to high-quality dining in Toronto, the One is right on the top. If you are looking to meet rich men in Toronto, The One should be on your bucket list.

7. Sotto Sotto 120 Avenue Road

Here’s another place that the elites of the city love to visit frequently. And why not? This place has one of the largest varieties of cuisines from all across the globe. And that’s not all…! Sotto Sotto also has a large collection of red and white wines that have been preserved for a long time.

The restaurant has been around for more than 27 years. Since the time of its inception, it has been providing its customers with high-quality food that is second to none.

The place has a very nice and calm atmosphere and is one of the ideal places to meet rich guys in Toronto. The menu is lavish and finger-licking good. It’s no surprise that the upper class of the city loves to spend time and enjoy a good meal here.

8. DBAR 60 Yorkville Avenue

DBAR is an evening destination that is present in Yorkville. Again, this restaurant has one of the finest tasting cuisines on offer to the elite class of the city. Apart from that, there is a bar for cocktails and beer, and the rich of Tronto love to spend their time with friends here. This place also serves a variety of festive teas and wines.

9. Toca 181 Wellington Street West

Toca has been around for a long time. It is well known among the lite due to its lovely food and quality atmosphere. The restaurant is also open for corporate event reservations. It has high-quality cuisine that the elite community of the city loves to devour. It is located at Ritz-Carlton and that alone tells you a lot about this magnificent place. If you are looking for a subtle environment to meet rich singles of Toronto, you need to visit Toca.

10. Sassafraz 100 Cumberland Street

As sassy as the name is, this restaurant will provide you with an ambient environment inspired by the Victorian age rowhouses. It is an incredible place to date someone. Because it features a romantic interior that makes it one of the most stunning restaurants in the city. It serves modern Canadian cuisine with warm hospitality, coupled with unparalleled service.


If you want to meet rich men in Toronto, you need to find the places where they hang out the most. They have the money and they love to spend it as well. You are not going to find them in their huge bungalows and penthouses. You will rather find them spending time in places like the ones we’ve mentioned above.

So, get your high heels on, and your shining smile ready because it’s time to meet the rich guys of Toronto.


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