Where to Meet Senior Singles

If you are looking to meet senior singles, the most important thing to do is to put yourself out there. You can’t possibly meet anyone if you’re not willing to at least interact with people. Meeting senior singles may be easier than you think, we have put together some of the best ways to meet singles who are within their golden years.

10 Exciting Ways to Meet Senior Singles

Meet Senior Singles

1. Through a Mutual Friend

You may be mutual friends with other senior singles in your area. Let some of your friends know that you are looking to date. They may be able to introduce you to someone they know for free. You may also want the first date to be a double-date with the matchmaker so that it reduces some of your stress.

2. At a Country Club

If you live in a community with a country club, consider spending more time there. You may be able to meet single seniors in your area. Various special events are likely to take place throughout the year, such as tennis tournaments, Valentine’s Day dinners, and more. This can be a great place to meet people, plus you know that they live nearby. If they have a senior singles group, it could be what’s needed to meet senior singles.

3. On the Golf Course

Find a golf course near you to meet senior singles. There may be tournaments offered from time to time where you can sign up to be on a scramble. As you’re placed on a team with three other members, it’s a chance to have some fun, enjoy the fresh air, and meet people. If you have never swung a club in your life and want to learn, you should also ask about senior lessons. There may be group lessons that you can participate in on a weekly basis.

4. At a Shuffleboard Competition

Shuffleboard is making a comeback. More and more communities around the country are adding shuffleboard. If there is a local competition in your area, attend. Even if you don’t participate in the competition itself, it may give you the opportunity to meet some new people. It would also give you an activity to enjoy if you do meet someone you’re interested in dating.

5. At a Food & Wine Event

Food and wine events are held around the globe. It is a great opportunity to enjoy fine wines and pair them with delicious foods. As you are drinking, you may be more likely to socialize. If you meet any senior singles at one of these events, you already know that the two of you will have at least one thing in common. Don’t be afraid to engage in conversations with people who may be enjoying the same wine as you. The conversation could lead anywhere.

6. On an Online Dating Site

More and more seniors are turning to dating sites, There are sites like MillionaireMatch and SeniorMatch that will help to pair you with someone you are likely to get along with because of personality traits and common interests. The best senior dating site is the one that will connect you to what you’re looking for, such as Christian senior singles. Especially if you’re not very good at socializing with strangers, this could be the easiest way to get back out there and try to find love with over 50 dating.

7. Join a Writing Group

Have you ever dreamed of writing a memoir? Perhaps you want to write a cookbook with family recipes. Whatever it might be, you can join a local writing group to meet senior singles. You may meet other senior singles who have the ambition of writing and publishing a book as well. It will give you the opportunity to bond with someone and you may learn a lot about them through their writing.

8. Attend Ballroom Dancing Classes

Ballroom dancing is recreational and fun. If you have always wanted to learn to waltz or foxtrot, it’s never too late, plus it’s where to meet senior singles. You can take classes that are designed for seniors. The person you are partnered up with could end up being your soulmate. If you’re already a pro at ballroom dancing, you might want to consider a competition. It could be a great way to meet senior singles who have just as much interest in dancing as you do.

9. Go on a Seniors Cruise

Consider taking a vacation designed specifically for seniors. Five and seven-day cruises are available on all of the major cruise lines for you to meet senior singles. You will be able to meet plenty of other people your age. One of the best parts about this is that they have various senior singles activities designed to help you meet other people. Travel with an open mind and be prepared to try a few things you would have never thought about doing.

10. Move to a Retirement Community

If you don’t already live in a retirement community, consider moving to one as a way to meet senior singles. Not only could you meet a single senior, but you could also meet plenty of other people. Retirement communities are notorious for having recreation and entertainment directors. They will be responsible for scheduling free events and activities on a weekly basis for you to partake in. It could be bingo one night and a social the next. You may be able to meet senior singles free inside your own community.

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