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Match Million Overview

The co-founders of Match Million understand what a consumer is looking for, which is why they have created one of the most popular millionaire dating sites around for serious relationships. The paid aspect of the dating site goes beyond what other sites are willing to do, and this makes a review a must for our site. It is important to note that Match Million is for serious relationships and not for anyone looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. That means that members are focused on finding a classy and sophisticated partner to date and have a long-term relationship with. Whether you are a wealthy man or woman, or an attractive person who is looking for a classier relationship with successful people, Match Million is for you.

Match Million

Sign Up Process

Signing up is free and easy, and open to everyone – no matter where you live. Some millionaire dating sites only cater to certain countries, but Match Million caters to everywhere. We couldn’t find a country that was left out!

You will notice that after you sign up, the page you are taken to will have an image on the bottom that says ‘Noir‘. We will talk about what that is a little further down in this review.


As a member, you can send messages to other members, as well as receive messages. You can also add members as a ‘friend’ if you are interested in them. If someone requests you to be their friend, you will see it as a friend request from your dashboard, and you can easily check them out and decide if they are someone you are interested in from there.

You can also search by a number of different filters, including body type, hair color, annual income, net worth, and even zodiac sign. This is all included with your free membership.

On your personal dashboard, you can see who viewed you, any new matches that have come up, and any new messages. In addition, you can see the premium and featured member pictures, which gives you some insight into who has upgraded their account and is serious about finding a match.

You can also see the latest posts to their blog from your personal dashboard. The blog has updates on the site, as well as posts about millionaire dating.

Noir Service

match million noir serviceIf your time is valuable, and you want someone to do the searching for you, then this is the service for you. This is the paid aspect and it goes beyond what most other millionaire dating sites will do.

Instead of doing the searching yourself, a professional will pick compatible matches for you and start the connection on your behalf. This can help you find that perfect someone much quicker than scrolling through the millionaire dating site on your own. They take into account what you are looking for and who would be the best match for you overall.

Some of the other features Noir service include:

  • Tips and advice with your millionaire dating to make the most out of it.
  • Background check on potential candidates, which makes things safer for everyone involved.
  • Have professionals complete your profile so you can stop stressing about what to say in order to stand out.
  • Assistance with travel itinerary for when you want to meet up with someone.
  • Car or limo booking done for you.
  • Arrangement for delivering flowers done for you.
  • Arrangement for dinner reservations done for you.
  • Access to your team via phone 24 hours a day.
  • Your profile will be featured.

It is like having your very own matchmaking service working for you in all aspects of the dating process. All of this comes with a price-tag of $999.00 USD. You can call them directly to find out about the matchmaking concierge service and discuss any concerns or questions that you may have (the number is on their Noir page).

The Search

During our Match Million review, we enjoyed the fact that there are many filters to use for your search. You can narrow it down to exactly the type of person you are looking for in the exact location.

However, it is worth noting that some countries might get more hits than others. For instance, we did a country-specific search only, and for Canada, we only found 4 matches, but for the United States, we found over 10 pages of matches. When we searched for Japan, though, we got zero matches.

If you are in a country that doesn’t have a lot of members, it is still worth signing up for Match Million if you are planning to use the Noir feature or be found by someone using the Noir feature. You may find someone who is perfect for you from far away, and with a little bit of travel, you can start building that perfect relationship.

Customer Service

One of the other cool aspects we found during our review is that they want to hear from you. I don’t think any other millionaire dating site has a ‘tell us your story’ button where you can just share your story with the people behind the site.

Beyond that, you can contact them easily through their contact form, or you can call them. They make it clear that if you need to get a hold of them, for any reason, they are there to help.

Room for Improvement

Match Million has a lot of standard features that allow you to search through members and check them out, as well as communicate through message. However, if they had a forum or chat feature, it may make finding that perfect someone a little easier. The excellent service with the Noir feature is likely why they have not included more communication aspects inside the free membership area. With Noir, they take care of the getting to know members for you.


If you are serious about finding someone class and sophisticated to live out your life with, then Match Million is for you. It provides you with access to people from all over the world (because you never know where love is hiding), and offers you a service that can do a lot of the work for you and give you the time you need to focus on your business or other aspects of your life that need focus.

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