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Seeking Millionaire Overview

When it comes to millionaire dating sites, Seeking Millionaire is eligible for adding to our list of top recommendations. Founded in 2007 by Brandon Wade, the mission of this dating site is to provide a platform where attractive and wealthy people don’t have to waste their time trying to find someone who is exactly what they want. It is dedicated to providing members with quality matches that have been verified to be authentic. Brandon Wade runs some of the most popular websites around, and his sophisticated reputation stands behind Seeking Millionaire so that you can rest assured you are going to have the positive experience you are looking for. Seeking Millionaire does not allow any members who pose a threat to its other members in any way, and they delete and suspend members who are simply on the site for malicious or unethical reasons.

Sign Up Process

It is completely free to sign up. After the signup process, you have the ability to upgrade your account to premium status, which offers members more features.

The first step of the free sign up process is very basic. You fill in your personal information, such as gender, what type of person you are interested in, birth date, email address, and how you heard about Seeking Millionaire.

A unique part of the signup process is a selection that makes it clear exactly who you are on the site. The choice between a ‘wealthy member’ or an ‘attractive member’ helps you take a stand on either side of the line, and it lets other members know exactly who you are. Moreover, as you fill out your profile, you will notice that there is a section to choose what you are looking for in terms of wealthy or attractive.

The rest of the process includes filling in your location, profile (about you) page, and what you want in a relationship. Be careful to be honest and thorough as you fill out your relationship section because someone will be manually reviewing this to ensure that you are on the up and up.

Seeking Millionaire differs from other sites during the sign-up process in that you must complete the profile section and put up a photo of yourself in order to access certain standard features. Many millionaire dating sites do not require a picture when you sign up for a free profile and, instead, allow you full access to the standard features.

This is definitely a quality insurance step for Seeking Millionaire, as anyone who is not serious about putting their face out there for everyone to see will not likely continue with the sign-up process, or will not want to access any further features.

Since standard members cannot interact without a complete profile, this also helps to avoid unwanted spam messages or harassment by faceless members who seem to just be on the site for undesirable reasons.

Because your photo is reviewed manually, ensure that you include a real photo of yourself that would not offend a staff member.

Until the relationship section and photo are approved, standard attractive members are not able to access their mailbox account. Approval should occur within one day of submission.


First, it is important to note that there are no refunds. If you sign up and feel Seeking Millionaire is not for you after a period of time, then you will be out some money. Seeking Millionaire says that there is a limited trial for every new member to ensure that they want a membership; however, it is important to ensure you want a membership with them before you sign up so that you don’t lose out.

To become a premium member, with more features, you will need to pay some money. They offer a regular and secure payment option, along with three different membership choices.

NOTE: The following prices are for an attractive female looking for a wealthy man. During the review process, we noticed that prices vary per member, and the price does go up for male members.

If you do not care about others seeing where you have made a payment to, you can sign up with the standard payment process. Payments will appear as SEEKINGMIL on your statement.

  • For a 1 month membership, you pay $20.00
  • For a 3 month membership, you pay $49.95
  • For a 6 month membership, you pay $69.95

If you would rather have a discreet statement, with the payment statement made to ‘’, then you will need to pay a few extra dollars.

  • For a 1 month membership, you pay $29.95
  • For a 3 month membership, you pay $49.95
  • For a 6 month membership, you pay $69.95

These prices are pretty affordable for a millionaire dating site, and all of them are one-time payments only. There are no recurring payments with this site, which means that after your 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month membership is up, you will have to sign up for another 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

However, if you are currently a college student, then you are eligible for a free premium account. You simply need to register with an email address that ends in .edu. If you have already registered, and you want to change your email address, you can simply click on ‘menu’ and then ‘account’ and then click on change email. Once you put your new email address into the system, it should recognize it and give you a free premium membership. If it does not, simply go to the FAQ section, click the link under Feedback, and submit a support ticket to talk to a staff member within 24 hours.


One awesome feature is the background check. For a $25 one-time fee, members can verify that they are who they say they are and receive a verified icon on their profile. Seeking Millionaire uses a popular screening company called TC LogiQ, which specializes in background checks. By seeing this verification, you can feel more confident interacting with members, and you will receive more interest if you get verified yourself.

Another interesting feature to this site belongs to wealthy men alone. If you are a wealthy man, then you have access to a platinum membership. This membership costs more than the premium membership; however, it offers some premium perks that will help you get more responses from attractive members. The perks include:

  • Verified identify and net-worth
  • Certified by Seeking Millionaire
  • Profile is displayed to every attractive member
  • Platinum club member page lists your profile
  • All premium membership features

Also, another important feature is the ability to get access to your account after you delete it. If you choose to reactive your account after you delete it, all of your information will still be there and you will not need to re-enter it. Only a new photo will be required. However, you cannot restore the stats, such as who you have viewed and who has viewed you.

Features are tailored towards attractive or wealthy members. So, following is what attractive and wealthy standard members and premium members are able to do.

Attractive standard members are able to (must have at least one picture up on profile):

  • Use basic search
  • Be seen as a standard member in searches.

Attractive premium members are able to:

  • Get featured status on Seeking Millionaire (highlighted orange profile)
  • Keep photos private
  • Use advanced search features

Wealthy standard members are able to:

  • Receive winks and messages
  • Search with all filters
  • Search for certified members
  • Be seen as standard members in the search results

Wealthy premium members are able to:

  • Send winks and messages
  • Obtain featured status on the site (profile is highlighted in orange)
  • Make photos private
  • Use more advanced features in search

Features that everyone can use include:

  • The ability to block other members.
  • The ability to see other members profile information, including the about me section, last time a member was online, and personal information.
  • The ability to search for members who have a background check, are platinum members, or are verified members.
  • The blog is available to everyone to read. On the blog, you will find posts related to millionaires, singles, relationships, and other topics that pertain to a millionaire dating site. You can also leave comments on the blog if you would like.

Does Seeking Millionaire Accept Sugar Daddy Relationships?

On the front page, it clearly says ‘no gold diggers allowed!’ While this isn’t the nicest way to say it, this clearly means that sugar daddy relationships are not accepted on Seeking Millionaire. It is strictly for people looking for millionaire dating.

Moreover, if you are an escort, it clearly says that this is illegal and you are not permitted to sign up to their website. As said before, they delete and ban all unwanted accounts, so do not try to sign up for the wrong reasons.


As you go through the signup process, you will notice that they manually verify what you are looking for in a relationship, the about you section, and your profile picture. This is to ensure that you do not use a fake photo or profile, which often occurs on dating sites when someone is trying to be malicious. Because you cannot have full standard features until they are approved, this will help eliminate unwanted members and keep the members verified as looking for real relationships with real photos.

As said, wealthy men have the ability to verify their net-worth. This should be done, because anyone singles will automatically be drawn to a verified profile.

Safety and Privacy

Seeking Millionaire has a lot of verification processes in place to ensure that you are dealing with upfront and honest members. Interacting with people who have clearly been verified will help you avoid anyone who snuck past the initial manual verification process of profile and photo. Moreover, the site instantly bans people who are seeking inappropriate relationships or acting in a malicious way. This leaves serious members who are looking for a normal relationship.

They also have a strict privacy policy and are serious about keeping your personal information private. All the information you provide is used solely for the site. Moreover, they use an SSL encryption to keep your credit card data safe.

Room For Improvement

Seeking Millionaire is meant for people who are serious about finding an attractive or wealthy partner. While they have all the features that allow you to search for someone of interest and verify that you are who you say you are, they do not have a ton of other features, such as a chat room or forum. I think adding some extra features in the future would allow more interaction and communication between members.

Ease Of Use

Seeking Millionaire was definitely designed for ease of use. Members can easily find what they are looking for with the top tabs that include search, messages, and interests. And, a left navigation bar helps you search easily according to filters laid out. Moreover, members have easy access to FAQ’s and submitting a ticket.

Customer Service

There is an extensive FAQ section that will answer most of your questions and concerns. However, they also have a ticket system, where they manually review each ticket and respond within 24 hours. Simply go the FAQ section, click on the link under feedback, and submit a ticket.


Seeking Millionaire is a millionaire dating site that goes above and beyond other dating sites when it comes to making sure its members are who they say they are. That’s why our review makes it to our top list of best millionaire dating sites. With their initial manual verification of photo and profile, along with the ability to become verified with a background check for a small fee, members can feel safe as they scroll through a list of members who have taken the steps to verify themselves. Moreover, verifying oneself will ensure many more views and much more interest in people looking for millionaire singles.

While Seeking Millionaire could use a few more features, it definitely does what it was meant to do: help attractive and wealthy singles meet each other in a convenient, affordable, and practical way.

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