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Sugar Daddy Meet Overview

Sugar Daddy Meet is a popular website that provides a fair chance to sugar daddies and sugar babies to meet each other and get into a mutually beneficial relationship. The main tagline of Sugar Daddy Meet is – Sugar makes life sweeter. The tagline reflects the main purpose of the website, which is to bring sugar daddies and sugar babies together. Sugar Daddy Meet has been active for more than 15 years. The user pool has the right proportion of sugar daddies and sugar babies. Each one has enough options to choose from, on the basis of their preferences. Rich and wealthy sugar daddies looking for some fun, friendship or love can date young sugar babies looking for fun as well as financial support.

Sugar Daddy Meet - Dating Site for Wealthy Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

Sign up

The sign-up process is quite simple and regular. The home page has a link that redirects the visitor to the signup page. He should identify himself either as a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. The intended user is supposed to fill in a form with some basic personal information, such as name, email id, province and country. The terms of conditions and instructions are simple and to the point. After duly filling the form, the intended user should submit the form. The approval is quick and timely. As soon as the profile approval is granted, the new user can go to the site and make use of its features.


A user can choose to sign up for free and avail the basic features of the site at no cost at all. While the standard membership is free for all, the gold membership is offered at attractive prices. A one – month plan is offered at $50, a three – month plan for $90 and a six – month plan for $144. The user can pay through his credit/debit card or pay pal. He can enjoy the free standard membership benefits. Based on his requirements and experience on Sugar Daddy Meet, the member can decide further. He can either continue with his standard membership or can upgrade to gold membership.


The design of Sugar Daddy Meet is simple, yet attractive. Mostly monochrome colors have been used. The top of the home page provides links to login and sign up. A user can also search for profiles based on age, state and country criteria on the main page itself. Further down, it provides quick links for features such as certified daddies, first date gifts, sugar daddy forums, sugar daddy greeting cards, sending messages, let’s meet and sugar daddy news. The page also displays the photographs and names of featured members and the success stories related to the website. For starters, Sugar Daddy Meet gives detailed explanation of what a sugar daddy and a sugar baby are and how the site can benefit them both.

Ease of use

Sugar Daddy Meet is very easy to use for a visitor with the bare minimum internet browsing skills. The site is easy to navigate. The main page has all the important links of various features offered by the site. It is easy to sign up and access all the features of the website. The main page also explains the visitors in the simplest of language about sugar daddies and sugar babies and their relationship. Such an explanation can help a newbie to understand if this kind of dating is meant for him or not.


A standard member can access the following features on the site:

  • The member can easily create a profile and post up to 26 photographs.
  • The member can reply to messages that are sent by other members.
  • He can update his status at any given time.
  • It is easy to check which users viewed the profiles and which ones are interested.
  • A perfect match can be looked for by making use of the easy to search features of Sugar Daddy Meet. The profiles can be searched on the basis of usernames and keywords.
  • The user can get his income and personal information verified to become a verified member.
  • The users can read the dating tips provided by the site. These tips can be very useful for the users to up their game. A member can also post his own date ideas and can view ideas posted by other users.
  • He can edit the blog and forum messages.
  • The member can add other profiles users in his favorite list or blocked list. He can also check the new users added on the block.
  • He can involve himself more with the network by sending comments on the profiles and the forums.
  • The member can create public profiles called lifetime ads. These ads can be useful for other users to know and understand him better.
  • He can send winks to show the other users that he is interested.
  • The member can access the let’s meet feature. This feature suggests suitable profiles in the local area of the member.

A gold member can avail some additional features, which are as follows:

  • A sugar baby with gold membership can search for a sugar daddy with the criteria of his income.
  • The user can get customer care on a priority basis for a better website experience. He can get faster approvals for any changes that he desires on his profile.
  • He can get notifications regarding the new members. This allows the user to make an early contact with the members that he likes.
  • The user can post full sized photographs.
  • The user can get his profile featured on the main page of Sugar Daddy Meet. This improves his chances of getting noticed by other users.
  • The member can perform an advanced search on other users. This advanced search can be based on different criteria, such as income, height, weight, ethnicity and body type.
  • He can check the last logout time of other users to know if they are active or not.
  • The member can initiate a communication by sending an email to the users that he finds interesting.
  • The member will get priority listing in the results of a search. This feature is extremely useful to attract more attention to the user’s profile.


Sugar Daddy Meet has been a popular choice for many affluent sugar daddies and aspiring sugar babies for more than 15 years. The site administrators take it upon themselves to screen all the profiles to eliminate the risk of fraud profiles. The age, education, occupation and income of a user is checked. This feature makes the site reliable and devoid of fake sugar daddies and sugar babies. The sign-up process is simple, and the standard membership can be availed free of cost. The users also have complete control on their profiles. The settings can be easily tweaked to suit a user’s preferences. Overall, Sugar Daddy Meet has the right mix of features and the desired ease of use.

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