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Supermodel Club Overview

Unless you are a Wall St. honcho who frequently hobnobs with the glitterati of the fashion and movie world, chances are that you won’t come across a model, even if you have the moolah to indulge a beauty. The same also holds true for gorgeous gals who may find it hard to bag a guy with deep pockets on a visit to the bar next door. This is where Supermodel Club comes into the picture!

With its claims of being the online hotspot for beauties and millionaires, Supermodel Club has created quite a splash since its inception. So, here is a review that will help you to determine if you should be investing your time on this site and if you actually stand the chance of dating a supermodel through it.

Think of it as a coming together of a bevy of beauties who enjoy and have a special appreciation for the finer things in life and successful, rich men who do not mind splurging on arm candy. Supermodel Club does not dictate the route that the relationship has to take; meaning you could be looking for a fling or something long term. However, what they are doing is hand picking the members who will be a part of this millionaire and beauty community.

The Sign up/Registration

For now, registration is free if you want to give the site a shot. To sign up, you will need to fill out a simple form that is available on their homepage. The process can be started by simply clicking on the “signup” tab on top of the page. You will see a popup form and all you have to do is pick a username and a password; furnish your name and email ID and click on the “create my account” button. But, there is more!

Right after this preliminary step, you get down to the serious stuff. On the next page, you will need to offer details about yourself and about your preferences in a possible mate. The matchmaking on Supermodel Club works both ways. So, while rich dudes can find pretty young things, affluent women can also take their pick of handsome hunks.

Choose the option that applies to you from the drop-down menu that is to be used for filling the “I am” field. Read below and you will find that the site’s definition of “well off” starts at an annual earning of nothing below $100,000. If you claim to be good looking, you will need to back your words with a picture.

To complete the registration process, you will need to furnish information such your age, ethnicity, nationality, location, willingness to travel overseas, occupation and income. You will be made a member of Supermodel Club only after you upload a picture and complete your profile. Of course, you will need to be approved by site admin before you can start using the facilities they have to offer.

So, how much will you have to pay?

A basic account is free for the jet-setters as well as for those blessed with good looks. There are two schemes available for premium membership, although it is hard to tell what would be the point to pay since basic and the premium memberships both have the same features.

Yet, for those who do not mind loosening their purse strings, maintaining the premium account for 6 months will set you back by $140 and this package comes with 2 free months and the annual premium account will cost you $200. When compared to other millionaire dating sites, the fee structure is reasonable.

The Features

Open to members from all over the world: What truly sets this site apart is that it has members from all across the globe. After all, men and women who have the means can also have eclectic tastes in beauty. Supermodel Club asks you to clarify early on if you are willing to travel and if yes, how far. So, when you are shown the selection of members, they also suit your geographical preferences among other factors.

Picture backing: Since all members are required to upload a picture to their account to go live, you know what you are getting into beforehand. There is no mystery at least on the appearance front which helps to narrow down your search.

Be a part of different groups: This is not just a dating site which is what gives Supermodel Club an edge over other comparable sites. Members can join various groups and even start their own group, depending on what appeals to you. So, the site offers a wonderful opportunity to interact with men and women outside of your immediate circle who have the same interests as you. Call this a personal and romantic take on social networking.

Detailed profile required: When it comes to matchmaking the more the information available about people, the easier it becomes to pick a potential partner. Because each prospective member is put through screening, you cannot put in a half-hearted attempt into opening an account with Supermodel Club.

This simply means that unless you are willing to put all the information about you that would matter to a potential mate, they are simply not interested in having you around. On the surface, this may seem harsh but in the end it works well for members who have a clear idea about what they are looking for.

Friendship is not a bad start: Supermodel Club also allows you to have your group of friends like any other social networking site, which is an added advantage. So, you don’t have to restrict yourself to amorous liaisons. You could strike up lively conversations and friendships and get to know people, which can ultimately help you to make a better decision when it comes to selecting a romantic interest.

How good is their search facility?

The search process is relatively easy; you start with your requirements, the basics such as the age, ethnicity, and location, etc. From within the dashboard, you will be able to initiate the search and pull up a list of members who suit your requirements.

The profiles of others will be as in depth as you own, so even before you interact with the other person, you will have a fair idea about what he/she is looking for. Once you go through the profiles and zero in on a few members you like, you can express your interest in them by sending a message.

Will you enjoy using Supermodel Club?

It is not only an easy to use the site but also you can have loads of fun while interacting with the other members. Although it does take some time to get through the registration process and you do have to wait for your membership to be approved which can take a day or two, the effort does eventually work in your best interest.

Where can it improve?

Is there room for improvement? Yes, definitely! Let us start by talking about the millionaires. Well, undoubtedly the members of Supermodel Club, who claim to have the money to throw around, would qualify as well to do. But, nobody with an annual earning of a hundred grand would make it to the millionaire club, far from it in fact.

So, yes they are rich but not the jet-setting crowd that the site boasts of. Perhaps a few members would fit the bill but not all of them. Next, let us discuss the beauties. Since members make a site, no review would be complete unless we discuss the beauties who frequent the site.

Are they beautiful? Yes, there is no denying that most of the girls are head turners. Are they supermodels? No, they are not. In fact, many of them are not even remotely linked to show biz or the world of fashion. Of course, if you don’t mind beauty with brains or beauty with compassion, you could find a suitable match on Supermodel Club.

Another grouse is that they do not have a verification process in place. So, if you upload a picture, they take it at face value and accept it as yours. There is no need to submit a photo ID that would confirm that you are indeed the person in the picture you have uploaded on the site. The same also holds true for the earning status. This is definitely a factor that deserves improvement. Perhaps, as the site grows and they include additional features for paid members, a verification/background check may be offered for a fee.

The Verdict

Overall, Supermodel Club comes across as a simple yet unique concept that goes well beyond the realms of just online dating. They do have good looking ladies from several countries and well to do men who would appreciate the company of these girls. Because they are offering a basic membership free of cost, you get to gauge if the site works for you before you consider investing money in the endeavor.

It is easy to use and gets the job done of bringing together Greenbacks and gorgeousness. The screening process does make the site different and better from other millionaire dating sites. All in all, Supermodel Club offers an experience that people will enjoy and keep coming back for.

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