Sugar Baby Personal Safety Tips on The First Date

It’s great to have found your sugar daddy and is quite exciting to finally meet up. However, worrying too much can ruin an exciting venture or milestone in your life! It’s even riskier and devastating if your safety is compromised, hence the need for all sugar babies to know how to protect themselves. Here are 8 personal safety tips to serve as your ultimate guide for preparedness and utmost protection. Keep these in mind and you’re bound to experience sheer happiness out of a safe, secure, fun and unforgettable first date!

Sugar Baby Personal Safety Tips
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1. Finding Sugar Daddy.

All profiles indeed go through screening on secure and reputable sugar daddy sites, but this does not guarantee your safety. You must never be too lax, but must always be cautious when connecting with a potential sugar daddy. Some websites feature a verified badge while some don’t, so do not hesitate to execute a background check as you deem necessary. Search for him on social networking sites, talk over the phone or have a video chat before quickly taking any action.

2. The First Date.

Long distance and phone calls can be regarded as your first date, which applies to each and every time you talk. The only way to learn more about sugar daddy is to talk more than once, and allow ample time to get to know him really well. Conversations will become more substantial over time. Bringing up sex can be a sign that sugar daddy sees you more as a traveling escort or prostitute rather than fun and lovely sugar baby.

3. Building Trust.

This, above all else, must be built even before travel arrangements happen and before you even think of boarding a plane. Trust is the foundation you’ve got to make certain is strong enough to overcome any potential danger. Having doubts on meeting up imply that trust may not have been established yet to give you much-needed assurance of your own safety.

4. The Second Date.

Deciding to finally meet up will then be your second date on a much more personal and physical note- seeing each other in person. Once you feel secure that trust has been built between the two of you, then it’s time to go forth with travel plans and booking accommodations.

5. Travel Arrangements.

Never agree to meet up at a private or secluded location, especially in cases you don’t have anyone to tell where you’re actually headed. Do not divulge critical information such as your personal address either. Insist on meeting in a public place, preferably a restaurant or coffee shop that’s familiar to you.

6. Sugar Baby meets Sugar Daddy.

Sounds pretty easy and simple with the convenience of online sugar dating, yet is high risk to the safety of both parties and tells you to be on your guard. It’s the most exciting part. The moment of truth where first impressions are destined to form and last. That point in time where you will find out, realize, or magically feel attracted towards each other. The fated meet-up you both are well-aware of and have followed through with the schedule, yet still anticipating a great surprise!

7. Sugar Baby Awareness.

Personal safety is every woman’s priority. It is essential that Sugar Daddies show respect for Sugar Babies. Drink alcohol moderately and always keep an eye on your drinks if you wish to avoid undesirable situations and become a poor victim. Watch out for luring acts, money offerings and other benefits you almost can’t turn down. This first meeting should not turn into a sexual encounter which alerts you of a person far from a true sugar daddy.

8. Keep Safe Distance.

No matter how good your date turned out, steer clear from visiting his place nor allowing him to come to your personal space. You may continue seeing each other in a hotel with superior security with your best interest in mind. Be wary of a pretentious fraud and take necessary precautions, unless you are certain about the relationship that you have ultimately found your Sugar Daddy!



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