Sugar Daddie Review

Chance of getting a date4.5
Protect privacy4.8
Customer service4.7
Value for money4.6
Easy of use4.5
Overall Rating4.4 /5


Sugar Daddie was established way back in the year 2002. It is the first-ever sugar daddy site. With its continued efforts to sustain itself and provide quality features to its members, Sugar Daddie has managed to excel through all these years. The network of users is very strong and affluent. The site encourages dating between sugar daddies and sugar babies looking to benefit each other. Rich sugar daddies can look out for beautiful sugar babies to share their lifestyles with. The sugar babies can, in return, provide love and friendship to them. While it is easy to sign up, the search process is pretty simple too. Sugar Daddie is very popular and is widely acclaimed.

Sugar Daddie - Elite online dating


A visitor can answer a few basic questions of the sign-up form and can create a profile for free of cost. The basic membership is not charged. A user with the basic membership rights has limited access to the features, such as creating a profile, adding a limited number of photographs, replying to messages and browsing through other profiles. If the user plans to access the complete list of features on the website, he must upgrade his membership to gold. The gold membership is priced at $29.99 for one month, $39.99 for two months, $59.99 for three months, $109.99 for six months and $169.99 for twelve months. A member with full access can make use of additional features, such as addition of more photographs and initiating a conversation with another member. Payments can be done via credit cards or PayPal. The prices are a decision of the website and are subject to change.


The signup process is very simple. The new member sign up form can be found on the home page itself. The form consists of only four main columns, namely username, gender, email id and password. Simple instructions regarding username and password are also displayed. The visitor can fill in the details and submit this form. After email id verification, the user will receive an email from the administrators. This email will consist of a link that redirects the user to another page that would help him to understand the site better and create a profile. The newly joined member can access his profile and enjoy the various features of his membership at any point in time.


Sugar Daddie is built around simplicity and ease of use. The main page basically highlights the benefits of a sugar daddy relationship. It also throws light on how the site can be an important step in getting into such a relationship. Apart from this, the main page has a simple sign up form for the visitor who desires to be a member. The top of the page carries links to important features, such as login page, browsing members, testimonials and about us. Neutral shades of black and brown have been used throughout the site to give the entire site uniformity.

Ease of use

Sugar Daddie is extremely simple in its structure and overall functionality. A user can easily navigate through the site without any difficulty. The main page is layered in a way to provide all the major links on the top of the page. The structure of the main page is also kept simple to aid in usability. The main links on the page represent the major functions of the website. A user can log in at any time to access his profile and make use of all the benefits that the site has to offer. All this and more can be done within a few clicks.


The members can perform a search on other profiles to find the profile that suits his requirements. The basic search on the basis of country, gender and body parameters can be executed. The member can use the username criteria to search for desired profiles. A search can be performed on the newest members or on the members that have added the user to their favorite list. A list of the 100 profiles to have recently logged in is visible even for non-members. A member can also access his saved searches at any point in time. This can save him the trouble to search for the same parameters again.


  • Sugar daddies and sugar babies from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland can enjoy the benefits of Sugar Daddie.
  • It is simple to make a profile and add pictures to it. The user can easily search for other user profiles also.
  • He can add other users to his favorite or blocked list. He can even view who all viewed his profile.
  • The user can read and send messages. He can also view the last login time of other members.
  • The website provides access to a forum where users can share their individual opinions. A user can read and add to forum topics.
  • The user can view the new profiles on the site to check if any of those profiles meet his requirements.
  • A search can be performed on various criteria, such as username, country, body type and ethnicity.
  • While it is easy to conduct a search on different parameters, the user can save his searches. He can come back to his saved searches anytime.
  • The user can see the total number of online members and also view the online profiles.
  • The instant messenger can be used for communication with the desired users. The email facility can also be used for communicating.
  • The member can consult the FAQs or site support to clarify any doubts he might have or to solve problems that he is facing while using the site.
  • The site has offices in USA and UK. Users can also contact them by telephone for any assistance.
  • The site is known to offer successful dating tips to the members. These tips go a long way in ensuring the users a sound dating life.

Room for improvement

Sugar Daddie has interesting features for all its members, but there is a scope of improvement in a few areas. The income of users is not verified by the site. This, in turn, can lead to fake profiles. A site with fake profiles can lose its credibility amongst its users. The site only encourages relationships between sugar daddies and sugar babies. The administrators can work towards adding a scope for development of other mutually beneficial relationships.


Sugar Daddie has always received enough media attention. Amongst its various features, it has a unique feature of not automatically billing and renewing memberships of its members. Sugar Daddie is a recognized and popular site for millionaire dating. Dating advice and tips are also shared with the users for their benefit. It is a good source of sugar daddies and sugar babies looking for beneficial and healthy relationships.

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