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Where to Meet Military Singles

Do you dream about meeting US military singles and finding that perfect person to sweep you off your feet? Thanks to their busy schedules and living on bases around the world, it’s often difficult to find single military men. There are easy ways to meet single military women and men both online and offline who meet all your relationship needs and goals.

10 Easy Ways to Meet Military Singles

Military Singles

1. Become a Pen Pal

An easy way to find military singles is through a pen pal program. Many organizations such as the Veterans United Network have pen pal programs. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a single pen pal, you might meet someone in the military who can introduce you to US military singles through the mail. Those letters let you learn more about the person and find out if you’re compatible in terms of dating.

Once you build a strong foundation through photos and letters, you can take your relationship into the real world and meet when your soldier is on leave. Make sure that you talk about your hobbies and interests rather than saying what you think the solider wants to hear. Your letters let you take things slow and form the type of relationship that you want.

2. Work on the Base

Every branch of the military has bases that hire civilians for a variety of jobs. The positions that you can apply for will depend on your experience and education levels. You might find work as a cashier at the PX and interact with military singles every day as they shop for groceries and other items. Once you get a job, you’ll also get a military ID that lets you shop in the same stores and spend time on the base when you’re not working. Many bases hire civilians to work in medical facilities and for office jobs too.

You can find open jobs online through Craigslist and other sites. If your local base has a website, you can check for open positions through that site. As long as you are friendly, you can often catch the attention of military singles. As some soldiers take off their wedding rings when walking around the base, you’ll want to look for a tan line around the ring finger to make sure your soldier is single.

3. Check Out the Local Bar Scene

As long as you live within driving distance of a local base, it’s easy to come into contact with military singles. Those who recently enlisted often don’t have a lot of free time, which means that you’ll meet a lot of officers and those in higher positions. After they finish boot camps, military singles usually hit the local bar scene to blow off steam. They get a big enlistment bonus that they can spend to treat their new friends and buy big tickets items such as cars and televisions. You can catch his or her attention and keep it with a little flirting.

A good rule of thumb when deciding which bars to hit is to look for those closest to the base. Enlisted singles may not have vehicles or a way to travel too far from the base. Wearing a shirt or button that shows you support the troops is a great way to strike up a conversation.

4. Visit Military Recruiting Events

Keep your ears to the ground to hear about upcoming recruitment events. Each branch hosts these events as a way to get prospective recruits to enlist. Though you don’t need to enlist yourself, it’s a good way to meet those about to join the military as well as those in charge of the events. This is the perfect time to do a little flirting with that officer who catches your eye and to exchange numbers or meet up later. You can read about recruiting events online too and search for those taking place in your city or state. During military recruiting events, try to look for military singles who are alone and not part of a big group. Not only does this help you get that person alone, but it also removes some of the distractions that may take the attention away from you.

5. Use an App

With the right app, you can meet military men and take military singles with you anywhere you go. Anyone who has access to a device that uses the internet can download the app. Military Dating, also known as MD is just one of the top apps. Dating apps let you create a profile to share your interests and some photos to get his or her attention. You can then use the app to search for single military men based on what you want and need. Not only can you search by location or view profiles with new pictures, but you can set a height range or search for matches with a specific eye or hair color.

Though you can add multiple photos to your profile, set your best picture as your profile photo. Military singles only have seconds to flip through photos and send messages. The more attention that you can get from your first photo, the more messages and potential matches you’ll get.

6. Hit Fleet Week

Fans of “Sex and the City” might remember the episode based on Fleet Week, which was the character Samantha’s favorite holiday. Fleet Week is a tradition that takes place every year. Fort Lauderdale, New York City, Portland, San Francisco and Baltimore all host Fleet Week events. This is when the Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy dock their ships after serving overseas. Soldiers have a full week to relax and blow off steam before they need to deploy again. You’ll find thousands of soldiers partying in the streets and hitting all the nightclubs and bars. The dates for these events change every year and in each city. If you have a group of friends looking for single military men, you can plan a Fleet Week vacation and base the entire trip around that event. Every person in your group just might get lucky.

7. Buy Tickets to Air Shows

Soldiers in the United States Air Force participate in air shows every year. One of the largest is in Dayton, Ohio, which is also home to the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Just hanging around the museum on a normal day can help you run into attractive military singles from the nearby Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Not only do they come to the museum for official business, but they also come to check out the exhibits. Air shows can help you meet retired military singles such as pilots flying the planes that you see overhead. While you can keep your eyes peeled for those in uniform, you can also hang out around the entrance to the airfield to make sure that no pilot passes you buy.

8. Create Dating Profiles

Another way to meet military singles is through the top military dating sites. These sites aren’t just for US military singles to meet others in the military though. You can also use one to see men and women stationed at bases close to your home. Though many sites charge a monthly or annual fee, there are a few sites that are free to use too. Cupid Media launched MilitaryCupid to help enlisted singles find significant others. UniformDating is another dating site that can help you find the uniformed man or woman of your dreams. Just as you would with a military dating app, you’ll want to put great photos online and use your best as your profile pic.

9. Expand Your Friend Group

The easiest way to meet military singles is through people who are or were in a branch of the military. If you wanted to meet a wealthy doctor, you would find friends who worked as nurses and in other medical practices. You should do the same thing to meet guys and gals in the military. Single military men tend to hang around with guys who are also in the military, but they have friends and loved ones who aren’t enlisted too. Use Facebook and other social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter to see what friends you have who know people in the military. You can add their friends and keep expanding your network to add more people who are in the military.

10. Join Organizations for Veterans

One of the top organizations for retired military personnel is the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Also known as the VFW, it has branches all across the country and hosts events every week, including fish fries and bingo games. Though most branches only accept retired military people, others let locals who pay a small fee join and take part in events. You can use the web to find the closest VFW post to you. The Air Force Association, Daughters of the American Revolution, National Association for Black Veterans and Student Veterans of America are some of the other organizations that you can join.

These organizations often host special events that are open to the general public and those who are not members too. You can usually view a list of events online or contact the organization to hear about upcoming events. If you have your heart set on a retired vet, ask the organization about any job openings too. Most hire civilians to cook, serve food and bartend.

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The 6 Best Military Dating Sites in 2020

Military Dating Site

The internet has brought us many things, including a completely new way to meet people. Now you can meet singles online using your pc, laptop, phone, or another device that has internet access. Moreover, dating sites have been taken to a whole new level to where they currently have programs for specific careers, sexual preferences, and more, giving you the opportunity to find exactly what you are looking for.

Is There a Dating Site For Military?

There are numerous Military dating sites for those who wish to date someone in uniform. These sites consist of many different ways to find someone in the military that interests you and then communicate with them to see if you are a good fit. Once you find the perfect match, it’s time to start dating and who knows where it will go from there. Although most of these military dating websites are basically the same, some have different features available. In this article, we will take a look at 6 of the best military dating sites available today.

The 6 best military dating sites for military singles and their admirers

1. MillionaireMatch


MillionaireMatch.com is designed for elite singles and millionaires that include successful, lawyers, CEOs, pro athletes, models, doctors, celebrities, and more. However, it is not limited to these high paying professions since even if you earn less than $200,000 you can still join. Although this 15-year-old site is not an exclusive military dating site, there is military personnel among the 2.4 million singles using the platform to find love.

Getting Started
Registration for this site includes many questions mainly about your interests and current status, but also about what you are seeking. You can signup with your email or Facebook. Those who claim to be millionaires must request that a Special Members Director helps with their profile, which you can assign a representative to complete for you. A small badge will appear below your photo that proves your photo, occupation, age, education, or millionaire status has been verified.

Free Vs Paid Membership
Functionality is limited to viewing publicly shared photos and performing simple searches for free users. Only verified millionaires or those with a Gold account can initiate conversations with others. Upgrading to Gold membership also gains you access to all the features of the site.

Features and Benefits
At MillionaireMatch.com you control who can view your profile. It also provides a luxury guide that talks about high priced items and a separate blog that offers dating tips. The site also provides an advanced search and privacy settings, mobile access, email and chat, and more. After finding someone that interests you, you can send them an email or a wink and add them to your favorites. Other features include:

  • Live Millionaire Match counselors
  • Wealth checks/verified income
  • Video introductions
  • Dating Ideas
  • Check to find out if your messages were read

Try MillionaireMatch For Free

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2. eharmony


eharmony is another site that’s not a dating site for military singles exclusively, but it too has many men in uniform join the site in hopes of finding that special someone. eharmony has been making matches since 2000 and now has reached 15 million matches a day. The site was founded by a clinical psychologist, Dr. Neil Clark Warren who was dedicated to helping people find love and it currently has 66 million members in more than 200 countries.

Getting Started
Compared to other dating sites, the registration process takes a lot longer at eharmony, but that’s because they need to know a lot about you in order to find your perfect match. You have two options to sign up, you can use your email address or sign up with Facebook; however, either way, you will still have to go through the rest of the signup process and complete the personality test, compatibility quiz, and the questionnaires, which will take over ten minutes to complete.

Free Vs Paid Membership
At eharmony, you communicate by sending messages, but this can only be done by paid members. In fact, even if a standard member gets a message from a paid member, they won’t be able to reply. However, free members can send winks to other members and add to their favorites list as well as send a message to the top five picks they are sent each day. They are only limited to viewing the profiles of their top five, but updating to premium membership will allow users to meet people outside their compatibility area.

Features and Benefits
At eharmony, you can use a basic search filter to narrow down your options by age or location. Moreover, members can specify other things like nationality, height, body type, and more. There is also a compatibility tab that will show you how your attitude and personality would match in a relationship. Other features include:

  • Send a smile
  • Send questions
  • Add to Favorites
  • What If?
  • Video Date

Try eharmony For Free

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3. EliteSingles


EliteSingles is a leading dating site for educated singles in the U.S. who seek a serious relationship. In fact, over 80% of the members hold a university degree. On a global scale, the site gets 65,000 members per week. It bases its matchmaking services on an in-depth personality test allowing the site to provide you with the best compatible matches. People are matched by intellect and finances and nearly 90% of its members are aged 30 or above.

Getting Started
The signup process at EliteSingles is far lengthier than basic dating sites, but the required information helps match you up with someone who is highly compatible with your personality. The test used by the program was developed by psychologists to analyze 29 of a person’s personality traits. When signing up you will be asked basic questions, such as your name, age, sex, and location, then you will proceed to the personality survey that will take around 20 minutes to complete or you can save your progress and return later to pick up where you left off.

Free Vs Paid Membership
There are varieties of ways to communicate with your matches on the EliteSingles and you can also like and comment on profile photos of your matches’. However, you must be a paid member to assess most features, especially those that involve two-way communication. Standard members are allowed to send winks to their matches and like them, upload photos, and they can also use search filters for easy browsing, but, in order to read, reply to, or send messages, you have to be a paid member.

Features and Benefits
One of the features Elite Singles offers is somewhat similar to what many dating sites call the swiping function only this one is called, “Have You Met?” You are given a profile overview, then can decide whether or not you are interested by clicking the “X” icon or the wink. Another feature is the “Big Five” personality Dimension Analysis where Extraversion, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, Agreeableness, and Openness are measured against other members to provide insight into a match’s personality. Other features include:

  • Match Recommendation
  • Advanced Search
  • Wildcard Matches
  • Favorites List
  • Elite Singles Magazine

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4. MilitaryCupid


Military Cupid is a military online dating website designed specifically for men in the military sector. The site was founded in 1999 in Australia by Cupid Media, the operators of many dating sites online. This military men dating site currently has more than 600,000 members from all over the globe. Hence, these members aren’t just men in the service, but also include a diverse population of different backgrounds and ethnicity’s who would like to meet military singles virtually for potential partnerships.

Getting Started
The signup process is very simple for this military dating site. All you need to do is add your email address and choose a password. After that, you will be asked to upload your photo, you can fill out your profile later. You can also sign up with your Facebook account where your basic information and the photos you uploaded will be used. Moreover, the site is easily accessible and very user friendly. To use this military dating site, you must be at least 18 years old.

Free Vs Paid Membership
There are several ways that you can connect with others on the site and even more options for paid members. Depending on your needs, you can use the standard (free) version or purchase a Gold or Platinum membership. Standard membership allows you to communicate with gold and platinum users as well as send interests to any member. Gold members can communicate with anyone on the site regardless of membership grade and platinum users can do the same plus access all site features.

Features and Benefits
CupidTag allows you to add tags to specific words in your profile so that you will appear before others in the search results when these words are searched. Other benefits and features include:

  • No unnecessary popups or overwhelming graphics on the site
  • Detailed personality questions
  • Profile and photo verification

Try MilitaryCupid For Free

5. UniformDating


UniformDating is a dating site for military, law enforcement, and community service professionals who want to meet other singles for a potential relationship. It’s also a retired military dating site where those who served their time are now looking for someone to settle down with. The site has been helping people in uniform meet their match since 2004 and currently has over 2 million members worldwide. Members include pilots, doctors, nurses, dentists, military personnel, and other professionals.

Getting Started
Creating an account at Uniform Dating is fast and so simple anyone can do it with the easy instructions provided. The site also offers helpful pointers and dating tips to help you along the way. During signup, you will be asked some basic questions along with some personal questions as well, such as gender, postal code, birth date, and more. However, before you can complete the registration, you will have to verify your email address.

Free Vs Paid Membership
There are plenty of ways to communicate on the site, but, to use the full functionality you must be a paid member. Free membership only allows you to use gifting and flirting, but to use the primary communication features like chat, message, and live group chat, you will have to pay. They do have a “Communicate for Free” feature to unlock chat, messaging, and live chat functionalities. This allows paid members to give free members access to read and reply to their messages as well as the ability to contact them.

Features and Benefits
UniformDating provides several ways to communicate with others including a chat function and a live group chatroom where multiple users can chat and mingle with each other. They also provide a flirt feature where members can click “Flirt” on the heart icon found on the member’s profile. You can also send gifts on the search screen, which you can do in bulk or choose to send one-person one gift. Gifts vary from sweets to ice teddy bears. Other features include:

  • VIP in Search
  • Highlight your profile
  • Communicate for Free

Try UniformDating For Free

6. USMilitarySingles


With over 500,000 members, USMilitarySingles.com is probably the largest military dating site in the U.S. Since 2003, the site has been pairing military members, including veterans, with those interested in dating service members in uniform. The site is aimed at finding partners for current or former military members who understand their values and lifestyles.

Getting Started
USMilitarySingles has a lengthy registration form with 17 required fields. You must be a registered user in order to view other profiles. This gives members a good level of privacy and security. However, anybody is allowed to see your images as there is currently no way to mask them. Once registered, you may see a green checkmark, this shows what you and the other user have in common.

Free Vs Paid Membership
One thing you should know about USMilitarySingles.com is that a portion of every paid subscription is donated to “the Wounded Warrior Project.” In addition, a paid membership allows you to reply to winks, send emails, and see who liked or viewed your profile. While the site also offers a ‘free membership’, it’s really useless, as you don’t get the full benefits using the extra options available to paid members only.

Features and Benefits
With so many members on large dating sites with similar profiles, it can be hard to get yourself noticed. At USMilitarySingles you can pay for a “Priority Listing” to be listed in other’s search results. Moreover, there are regional searches available that identify members who want to date someone in specific locations. You also have the ability to block certain members from contacting you. In addition, you can invite members to chat with you.

By upgrading to a paid membership, you will unlock the following features:

  • Be able to send an email to initiate conversation
  • Use instant messenger to connect with other members
  • Respond to winks
  • Organize your inbox
  • Get top listed
  • Link keywords to your profile

Try USMilitarySingles For Free