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Sugar Baby Personal Safety Tips on The First Date

It’s great to have found your sugar daddy and is quite exciting to finally meet up. However, worrying too much can ruin an exciting venture or milestone in your life! It’s even riskier and devastating if your safety is compromised, hence the need for all sugar babies to know how to protect themselves. Here are 8 personal safety tips to serve as your ultimate guide for preparedness and utmost protection. Keep these in mind and you’re bound to experience sheer happiness out of a safe, secure, fun and unforgettable first date!

Sugar Baby Personal Safety Tips
Photo credit: AndriyKo Podilnyk

1. Finding Sugar Daddy.

All profiles indeed go through screening on secure and reputable sugar daddy sites, but this does not guarantee your safety. You must never be too lax, but must always be cautious when connecting with a potential sugar daddy. Some websites feature a verified badge while some don’t, so do not hesitate to execute a background check as you deem necessary. Search for him on social networking sites, talk over the phone or have a video chat before quickly taking any action.

2. The First Date.

Long distance and phone calls can be regarded as your first date, which applies to each and every time you talk. The only way to learn more about sugar daddy is to talk more than once, and allow ample time to get to know him really well. Conversations will become more substantial over time. Bringing up sex can be a sign that sugar daddy sees you more as a traveling escort or prostitute rather than fun and lovely sugar baby.

3. Building Trust.

This, above all else, must be built even before travel arrangements happen and before you even think of boarding a plane. Trust is the foundation you’ve got to make certain is strong enough to overcome any potential danger. Having doubts on meeting up imply that trust may not have been established yet to give you much-needed assurance of your own safety.

4. The Second Date.

Deciding to finally meet up will then be your second date on a much more personal and physical note- seeing each other in person. Once you feel secure that trust has been built between the two of you, then it’s time to go forth with travel plans and booking accommodations.

5. Travel Arrangements.

Never agree to meet up at a private or secluded location, especially in cases you don’t have anyone to tell where you’re actually headed. Do not divulge critical information such as your personal address either. Insist on meeting in a public place, preferably a restaurant or coffee shop that’s familiar to you.

6. Sugar Baby meets Sugar Daddy.

Sounds pretty easy and simple with the convenience of online sugar dating, yet is high risk to the safety of both parties and tells you to be on your guard. It’s the most exciting part. The moment of truth where first impressions are destined to form and last. That point in time where you will find out, realize, or magically feel attracted towards each other. The fated meet-up you both are well-aware of and have followed through with the schedule, yet still anticipating a great surprise!

7. Sugar Baby Awareness.

Personal safety is every woman’s priority. It is essential that Sugar Daddies show respect for Sugar Babies. Drink alcohol moderately and always keep an eye on your drinks if you wish to avoid undesirable situations and become a poor victim. Watch out for luring acts, money offerings and other benefits you almost can’t turn down. This first meeting should not turn into a sexual encounter which alerts you of a person far from a true sugar daddy.

8. Keep Safe Distance.

No matter how good your date turned out, steer clear from visiting his place nor allowing him to come to your personal space. You may continue seeing each other in a hotel with superior security with your best interest in mind. Be wary of a pretentious fraud and take necessary precautions, unless you are certain about the relationship that you have ultimately found your Sugar Daddy!



How to Find a Sugar Daddy in NYC (10 Strategic Ways)

If you are in the New York City market for a sugar daddy, you likely are a special sugar baby. You know the value of the good life and you also know that you’re worth it. You probably need tips though on how to find a sugar daddy in NYC. The fact is that the city is fast-paced and meeting someone special can be next to impossible. Meeting the right sugar daddy for a mutually beneficial coupling can be twice as difficult!

Never fear though – there are ways you can increase your chances of finding the perfect sugar daddy in the busy city. Sure you can go to a sugar daddy website or social media website, but there are definitely more options than just that to explore. Here are some premiere ways to make your search successful.

10 Strategic Ways to Find a Sugar Daddy in NYC

How to Find a Sugar Daddy in NYC
photo credit: Michele Ursino

1. Art galleries

Art galleries in NYC are great places to meet men. Don’t go just any night though – do some research. Find out when the higher end pieces are going to be showcased. Call the gallery’s curator and tell them you’re seeking high-end pieces to fit your new apartment. They likely will tell you the best dates to visit. Remember also that opening night of a specific art collection normally attracts a lot of different people. Your sugar daddy could be one of them. For example, Agora Gallery on west 25th street has openings regularly. Most of their price points start at $5,000 a piece for their premiere submissions. This is a perfect night to visit and check out the clientele. The best thing about art galleries is that striking up conversations are simple because the topic to discuss is right in front of you!

2. Country Clubs

Country Clubs are also perfect for meeting sugar daddies. Wealthy men frequent country clubs. The best thing to do is buy a membership to a club that you know is exclusive. Ask about privacy and high-end amenities. This is a great way to target the type of men you want to meet. You also should sign up for updates on events being held at various country clubs. After you get a feel for what types of events they hold, you can make your final selection on which one you think will attract the customers you may want to meet. From there it’s just a matter of going as often as you can to see who their clientele really is. Be sure to also follow their event schedules. You’ll get a quick feel of what events attract what type of member. Once you know this, it’s just a matter of targeting similar events.

3. Art auction houses

Art auction houses in New York City can be useful. Getting back to the art topic, also try auction houses. Men will show up with their checkbooks in hand and ready to pay top-dollar for new pieces. You can see who purchases what in the auction room so you’ll know who has the income you want. This is one of the easiest ways to weed out potential sugar daddies. When you see a good looking man bid thousands, you know that he has the income, and likely lifestyle that you want to be a part of. Be sure to go to a few events though so you have some choices before you make the final decision. Always be friendly when you go because you never know when the perfect sugar daddy will make his appearance.

4. High-end restaurants

High-end restaurants can give you a perfect setting to find a NYC sugar daddy. Pick a restaurant and a girlfriend and head down to see what their clientele is like. Places like Aquavit or Gilt or Per Se are all expensive and attract only those who can repeatedly dine there. This is great news for anyone thinking about how to find a sugar daddy in NYC. You can always share an appetizer with your friend and check out the scene. Then, when you find your sugar daddy, stage a strategic meeting when he visits the bar. The bar is also a great place to hang out while you are waiting for your table. You never know who might amble up to you to strike up a conversation.

5. Hotels

Hotels can be sugar daddy hotspots. Remember that New York City is one of the most frequented cities in the country. That means that daily new people are coming in and leaving. Your next sugar daddy could be one of them. Consider places like the Roosevelt Hotel or the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Both are prime NYC locations for wealthy businessmen to stay while they are here on business or just visiting. Either way, you can be the perfect accompaniment to their stay. You can easily sit at the bar or at a table and watch who comes in. You also can just hang out in the lobby as if you’re waiting for someone, which in all reality you are!

6. Bars

Bars, including lounges and nightclubs, are great places in New York City to meet your perfect partner. The city is filled with flashy places to visit. Get the social calendars of various establishments and plan your month. Visit the locations to see who comes in and who might be a fit for what you’re looking for. The best thing about NYC bars is that usually they have VIP rooms and VIP areas. This means that if you want to find the sugar daddies, all you have to do is find the VIP areas. One popular bar to test out is Lexington Bar and Books. It’s common to find sugar daddies there so why not include that in your nightlife?

7. Museums

NYC Museums are also high-end attractions. Like art galleries, museums in NYC can also throw high-end exclusive events that attract wealthy men. You can visit The Met or the American Museum of Natural History. Both host events that are specially designed to attract top-dollar supporters. View the calendars and find out which ones will serve you best. You can easily gather information and then visit both at different times to see when the biggest selection of available men. You also can usually find a wall of donors. Knowing a few names can come in handy. It’s a great way to start honing in on wealthy families whose gentlemen may be milling around.

8. Strip clubs

Don’t discount NYC strip clubs for the wealthy men you want to meet. Some sugar babies don’t like to be affiliated with strip clubs, but don’t make a decision on it too quickly. The reality is that many wealthy men go to clubs like Pumps and Hustler Club. Why discount this viable option of meeting men just because you don’t like the atmosphere? You’ll still be surrounded by lights, music and fun drinks while you wait for the sugar daddy of your dreams, so give it a try. In particular the more populated strip clubs have a steady stream of men visiting. You likely will find at least a few that meet your criteria for the mate you want.

9. Food marts

Visit exclusive NYC food marts. Sugar daddies have to eat, don’t they? Be sure to take advantage of that by visiting at different times of the day. One place to try is Agata & Valentina on First Avenue. You know that it’s higher end because of the prices, but you also know that those shopping there are there because they can afford it and because they want the best. Do your browsing there and see who the clientele is that comes in. Remember though that most businessmen come in later in the day or on weekends. They are working hard during the days after all! If you have a penchant for cooking, you also can try hosting a cooking tutorial at a local exclusive grocer. Places like Whole Foods are sometimes set up for cooking classes. This is a great way to not only meet men, but also to let them know that you have the skills to keep them happy.

10. Networking

Try networking to meet your perfect sugar daddy. Good old networking is one of the primary ways that babies meet the perfect match. Let your friends know that you’re on the prowl. If you have friends who work at any of the above establishments, make sure they know what you want. Getting yourself out there doesn’t always mean you have to do it in person. Sometimes you can rely on friends to give you the push in the right direction you need. Even if they introduce you to someone who isn’t perfect, that person might introduce you to a location where you have an even bigger selection of men to pick from. Vary your networking in person and online. Still use the sugar daddy dating website option, but supplement it with general online meetings too.

Finding the perfect NYC sugar daddy can take both time and energy. Don’t lose hope though. There are plenty of wealthy men who are looking for the perfect sugar baby to pamper and delight. Use the above places as beginning spots. Always be open to new experiences and meeting people. Be safe, but be confident and daring. Once you find the NYC sugar daddy you have been looking for, you’ll be thankful for all the effort you put into your success!



How To Find A Sugar Daddy Or Sugar Baby On Craigslist

If you are not interested in joining a sugar dating site to find a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship, but you still want to find a mutually beneficial relationship, then Craigslist is a cheap and easy option for you.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Craigslist Ad

How To Find A Sugar Daddy Or Sugar Baby On Craigslist

First, you want to post your ad in casual encounters inside the personal category, which means that you are looking for a no strings attached relationship. By selecting the appropriate category, you will decrease your chances of getting reported and having your ad get taken down.

Furthermore, you will be asked questions such as who you are, who you are looking for, where you are looking for someone. It’s important to fill as much as possible in. The more you fill in, the more sincere and non-spammy your ad will look.

Because you are writing a personal ad for a sugar daddy or sugar baby, you need to be as open as possible so that readers know you are not a poster who is weird or sketchy. We know that many people already feel like Craigslist is a sketchy place to post an ad, so you need to put in some details that show how sincere you are about finding a mutually beneficial relationship.

For instance, you can put in your body shape, height, and status to help people get a clearer picture of what you look like. You can also choose to put in more attributes about yourself that are similar to regular questions you would put on an online dating profile, such as hair color, dislikes, education, and more. All of these can be chosen from drop-down boxes as you create your ad. Furthermore, you can describe more details about yourself in the ad, such as where you are from, why you are a catch physically, and what you are looking for.

And, in the body of the post, you can put in details that pertain to the type of sugar daddy relationship you want, such as “Need help with finances while I go to college.”

All of this will help to show interested people that you are much more serious than if you were to write something like ‘Looking for sugar daddy. Thanks.’

It’s important to note that some sincere people have their ads taken down for some unknown reason while obvious scammers have their ads left alone. Why? We’ll never know. But if you follow the above rules, you’ll have the best chance of keeping your ad up and finding that sugar daddy or sugar baby.

Safety Tips To Consider When Placing An Ad On Craigslist

Because there is no screening on Craigslist, anyone can post an ad or respond to your ad. Therefore, you have to take some safety precautions to ensure you end up meeting someone who you actually want to meet.

Ask for photos. In fact, let people know that you will not respond to anyone who does not post a photo. You may want to ask people to hold up a newspaper so that you can see the date and verify that they are actually a person responding today. While this may seem like you are going too far, anyone looking for a sugar daddy or sugar baby relationships will understand that you are taking precautions for your safety. As a bonus, it will make you look even more genuine.

Also, ask for a specific thing to be put in the subject of the email so that you can be sure the responder is not a spammer. For example, ask them to put their favorite color as the subject line. Anyone who reads your entire ad will do as you request so that they can be taken seriously by you.

In addition, make sure to ask for details from anyone who replies. You took the time to share a little bit about yourself, so anyone who is really interested will make the time to share a little bit about themselves too.

And, educate yourself on common scams on Craigslist so that you can avoid the people who are obviously trying to make money from you. For instance, one scam is called the ‘safe dating’ scam. Someone will respond to your ad on Craigslist, but let you know that they are worried about all the issues that have arisen from meeting people on Craigslist. Then they will ask you to click on a link and give them your credit card number so that they can do a background check on you. Unfortunately, they just end up taking your money.

Essentially, if you are asked to go to a certain link or if you are asked for money of any amount, consider the person a scammer. They know that you are looking for a relationship where money plays a big part, and so they will word their responses or ads in a way to convince you that you are talking to someone actually looking to meet you – only after money is involved in some way though. Only communicate with people who want to talk and get to know you more.

Lastly, if you are not posting an ad, but just looking on Craigslist for a sugar daddy or sugar baby, make sure you only contact people who seem real and sincere. If it seems too good to be true, or if something feels really off and creepy about the ad, then your gut is probably right and you should avoid them.



8 Benefits of Mutually Beneficial Relationships

A mutually beneficial relationship is quite similar to a friends-with-benefits relationship in the sense that none of the parties in the relationship is after a “real” relationship. Additionally, such relationships are characterized by neither party asking if the other is dating someone else. Most of the times, mutually beneficial relationships arise when the parties involved can gain in areas such as financial matters, psychological/emotional needs, leisure, and business.

8 Benefits of Being in a Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Mutually Beneficial Relationships

1. No Strings Attached

Both parties in a mutually beneficial relationship agree to keep their emotions in check. Both parties enjoy benefits beyond sex but do so without attaching any emotions whatsoever. These relationships are great especially when both parties are not ready for commitments.

2. Financial Benefits for Emotional Benefits

A young lady in a mutually beneficial relationship will most likely benefit financially by being in a relationship with a wealthy person whose primary need is emotional fulfillment. Therefore, both parties have their needs catered for without any commitments being made.

3. Drama-Free Relationship

A substantial number of relationships fail due to unfaithfulness and infidelity. Such disappointments, dramas, and breakups can be avoided by being in a mutually beneficial relationship. Since no commitment is part of the deal, you won’t have to keep tabs on the other person.

4. Clean or Painless Break

Breaking up from a normal relationship is usually painful and stressful. However, such things are virtually non-existent in mutually beneficial relationships. Considering the fact that there is no commitment from either party, it is much easier to end the relationship by mutual consent without either party getting hurt.

5. Honesty and Openness

Mutually beneficial relationships are not like the conventional relationships often characterized by lies, distrusts and cheating. In a mutually beneficial relationship, both parties do not lie to or fool each other because they are in such a relationship solely for the benefits it provides.

6. Social Links

Both parties will benefit from social links provided by the other party in the sense that they will meet new people who will provide them with new opportunities. Therefore, by joining a new network, one party will create new contacts and increase his/her opportunities.

7. You Always Get What You Want

In such relationships, both parties always get what they want – benefits. No games, no waiting, no fooling, no restrictions. Such relationships are not like the usual relationships that are characterized by frequent arguments and withholding sex or financial support until a resolution is reached.

8. Freedom

In a mutually beneficial relationship, you don’t have someone always keeping tabs on your whereabouts and who are speaking to on the phone or chatting with on WhatsApp. You are free to live your life as it pleases you while at the same time enjoying the benefits the mutually beneficial relationship has to offer.

Can a Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy Relationship be Termed Mutually Beneficial Relationship?

A sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship can be a mutually beneficial relationship provided both parties benefit in the relationship. For instance, the affluent, older man provides the younger woman with benefits such as taking her on exotic vacations and wooing her with expensive gifts while the young and energetic woman offers her older companion with emotional satisfaction and feelings of being a youth again.

In conclusion, mutually beneficial relationships have great benefits that someone who is not ready to get into a serious commitment can enjoy. At least such relationships give you peace of mind because you have little worries bothering you.



How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Tinder

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to find your next sugar daddy? Considering using Tinder because sites like Craigslist and SugarDaddyMeet let you down? We decided to take a look at the popular dating app and determine how useful it is to a sugar baby. Hopefully, this guide can help you find your sugar daddy through this app.

Table of Contents

Tinder Basics

Finding a Sugar Daddy on Tinder

You probably already know how to use the app, but let’s review the basics for those that don’t.

When logging in on the app, users are shown a series of photos. You swipe right on people you like, left on those you don’t so they disappear. If someone you like also swipes right on you, a match is made and now both can send each other text messages to develop a relationship.

The usual rules of online dating apply to your Tinder profile. Be sure to fill out your profile and use good photos of you. A good first photo will get you plenty of swipes right and a completed profile can keep matches from assuming you’re not serious about the site. It’s impossible to find a sugar daddy if he loses interest right away.

Behind The Scenes

Tinder does decide what profiles you get to choose from. The developers are very secretive about the algorithms and their exact details for business purposes, but certain tendencies in the app’s selections have been identified. Understanding these tendencies is vital when looking for sugar.

The most important thing to understand is that the app will start showing you fewer profiles each session if you swipe left often. The app also prioritizes active profiles and hides profiles that don’t get checked often. Users tend to get frustrated when they lack matches, and inactive users don’t swipe right to complete matches, making them bad for business. Travelers also get placed on screens near their current location to boost user engagement, maximizing a traveler’s exposure.

Tinder definitely likes to show you people similar to the ones you’ve swiped right on. It most commonly tracks age ranges, interests, and other data typically used by dating sites. Some users believe that it also has created an attractiveness index based on how many times a profile gets swiped left or right, although the developers have yet to confirm or deny this to avoid any resulting backlash.

Tips For A Sugar Baby

All this information is handy to have, but how does it apply to finding sugar? There’re a few tips a would-be sugar baby needs to know when applying this knowledge of Tinder.

It’s recommended that you swipe right often because the app tends to give fewer options to picky users. While swiping left may seem like the smart way to narrow the app’s incredibly wide field, it will lead to you missing out on a potential sugar daddy when the app gives you fewer options to swipe. This holds especially true since there’s not a sugar daddy section of Tinder. At the very least you should be less picky in the early phases so you can keep making new matches. Matches can always be deleted later instead of swiping left often.

The app does require a Facebook account to sign in, which will come in handy when setting up dates. The account is then linked to your app profile, although the app will never post to your Facebook account. Be sure to verify your date’s identity through Facebook before meeting and meet in a public place for your safety.

You can also weed out the hookup artists and get yourself noticed using original icebreakers. A simple “hi there” won’t work, especially with so many match options available for everyone on the app. Directly stating what you’re looking for can help identify a sugar daddy quickly, although it may scare off a sugar daddy that’s on the fence about you being their sugar baby. If you’re not sure, strike up a conversation using the information on a match’s profile to make it clear you’re after a real relationship.

Be warned: many of the users on Tinder are just looking for a quick hookup rather than a relationship. You’ll have to dig past these profiles to find a sugar daddy. Thankfully it’ll be relatively pain free since photos and videos generally can’t be sent through the app. You won’t receive unwanted pics of body parts.

The Plain Truth

In the end, Tinder isn’t the ideal place to find a sugar daddy. Yes, it’s free, simple, and has some positives not often found on other free apps and sites like Craigslist. Tinder does a good job of showing a potential sugar baby nearby matches they’d like based on known data and past swipes. It’s also easy to window shop for a potential match, and linking to Facebook makes confirming your date’s identity simple.

However, the downsides when looking for a sugar daddy pretty clearly outweigh the positives. Nearly everyone on the market is on the app because it’s free. That means endlessly swiping left before finding a sugar daddy worth considering, and Tinder doesn’t like people that mostly swipe left. Plus, many male users are just looking for a hookup. It’ll be hard to build a truly beneficial relationship.

You’re better off using a paid site designed to help people find sugar daddies. We’ve reviewed many of the top sites, so start there before turning to Tinder. Hopefully, this guide will help should you choose to look for sugar on the app anyway.



How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Instagram

Are you a sugar baby wondering how to find a sugar daddy on Instagram? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find tips and tricks on looking for a sugar daddy, as well as how to successfully and safely find a sugar daddy on Instagram.

Table of Contents

Famous Sugar Daddies on Instagram

Hugh Hefner
Photo credit: Alan Light

Did you know there are tons of famous sugar daddies? There is actually a ton of well-known men who love to be sugar daddies, so it is a good idea to start your search by familiarizing yourself with the most famous ones. There are a good few of these, here is a short list of some of them:

  • Sahil Khan. This sugar daddy is a famous personal trainer. He has a huge fitness empire and lives a very lavish life because of it. He is a great example of the kind of success to look for in your future sugar daddy.
  • Gianluca Vacchi. Gianluca Vacchi is a famous DJ. His Instagram account shows him going on expensive vacations, performing on stage, and posing for pictures with beautiful women.
  • Hugh Hefner. Hugh Hefner was one of the most famous sugar daddies of all time and paved the way for the modern-day sugar daddy and sugar baby culture. He was famous for his mansion and Playboy Magazine, as well as all of the women who lived with him.
  • Dan Bilzerian. Visiting Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram, you will find a ton of pictures of women he takes on lavish vacations and pampers with the finest things. He goes on all kinds of adventures and owns multiple houses. He is a prime example of a modern-day sugar daddy and models exactly the kind of treatment you should expect as a sugar baby.

These men are some of the most famous sugar daddies of all time, and their Instagram accounts can give you a good idea of the lavish lifestyle finding a sugar daddy can offer you. It is a good idea to aim for someone who is following their example. Follow the next directions to learn some methods on how to find a sugar daddy on Instagram of the same caliber as the ones listed above. Who knows, maybe you’ll even catch the eye of a famous sugar daddy on Instagram!

Some Methods to Find a Sugar Daddy on Instagram

Find a Sugar Daddy on Instagram

Using your Instagram to find a sugar daddy can be very effective. Make sure to post plenty of quality, attractive selfies, and hashtag them appropriately. Think of hashtags potential sugar daddies may be searching, and use those! Make sure you follow plenty of sugar daddy accounts as well, so that you have a higher chance of receiving a follow back from one of them. In order for a sugar daddy to want to help you out, one has to notice you first!

Method One: Post High-Quality Selfies

In order to attract sugar daddies, it is a good idea to only post your best selfies. make sure every selfie you post is of the highest quality and makes you look as good as possible. Oftentimes, sugar daddies are looking for exceptionally beautiful women, so it is a good idea to be as attractive as possible. Wear your nicest clothing and make sure your hair and makeup are done. Filters are never a bad idea, either!

Method Two: Use The Right Hashtags

Since Instagram uses hashtags as its main search platform, it is a good idea to use the right ones. When looking for a sugar daddy, use tags such as “sugar baby”, “seeking sugar daddy”, “seeking arrangement”, “sugar daddy meet”, “sugar daddy”, and anything else that may catch a sugar daddy’s attention.

Method Three: Search Hashtags

Tagging your photos is not the only effective way to use hashtags in your favor to find a sugar daddy. Another way to do it is to search the hashtags. Search hashtags for sugar daddies so you know who to look for in your notifications. If a man is tagging his photos with sugar daddy related hashtags, they are probably someone with the potential to be your sugar daddy.

Method Four: Tag Potential Sugar Daddies in Photos

If you tag a sugar daddy in your post, he will see the tag in his notifications. Tag sugar daddies in selfies and there is a greater chance they will see it. If they see your selfie, they might just decide to send you a message! Reaching out directly to sugar daddies is a great way to get their attention, and will help you to stand out.

Method Five: Follow Famous Sugar Daddies

Following as many popular sugar daddy accounts as possible will help you make your way into the sugar daddy virtual circle. If you intentionally follow accounts that have to do with sugar daddies and being a sugar baby, it will optimize search results for you. This means you will be more likely to be visible in hashtag and account searches for sugar babies, increasing your chance of finding your own sugar daddy.

Method Six: Direct Message Potential Sugar Daddies

What better way to get someone’s attention than to send them a personal message directly. If you find a potential sugar daddy who catches your eye, don’t just tag him in a photo, send him a direct message! In your message, make sure your intentions are clear and maybe even include a selfie or travel photo to really catch their eye. Doing so will help you get a response.

Method Seven: Create a Separate Account for Sugar Daddy Searching

It may be a good idea to create a specific account solely for sugar daddy related business. Having a specific sugar daddy website helps you look more legit, and you can better customize it to get you noticed by potential sugar daddies. If you create an account with only posts that imply you are looking for a sugar daddy, they will be more likely to be able to find and follow that account, as it will be further up in the Instagram search results.

Method Eight: Make Your Posts Seem Extra Interesting

If you are serious about finding a sugar daddy, you should always put your most interesting photos and selfies on Instagram. Some of the best kinds of photos to attract attention will include: travel photos, selfies, pictures of the kinds of clothes and other items you like to buy, pictures of food from nice restaurants you enjoy visiting, and pictures of you having fun at parties. Sugar daddies are usually not looking for an emotional burden; they are looking for someone to have fun with and pamper.

Method Nine: Express Interest in the Finer Things

Sugar daddies like to pamper their sugar babies, so it is important to express through your Instagram photos that that is what you want. Remember to post pictures of items or services you wish you had and places you wish you could visit! Look for sugar daddies who are willing to provide you with exactly the things you want. If you want expensive food, post pictures of it, a new phone, express that. Sugar daddies want to please their sugar babies, so don’t ever be afraid to be forward about what you want!

Method Ten: Have Fun

As mentioned earlier, sugar daddies really want someone to have fun with! They want someone to take on vacations, go out to dinner with, and take shopping. Express through your photos that you are fun loving and carefree. Show your adventurous side and be vocal about the experiences you wish to have, and you will be sure to have an easier time finding a sugar daddy.

Other Things to Know:

There are a few other things to remember when searching for a sugar daddy on Instagram. It is important to be safe, so always thoroughly screen any man you are communicating with online before you decide to meet up in public. In order to ensure he is who he says he is, it is a good idea to have some Skype or FaceTime conversations before going on a date. Also, make sure you tell someone you trust where you are during the initial meet up and how long they can expect you to be there. It is never a bad idea to take these kinds of precautions when meeting up with a virtual stranger for the first time. Make sure to follow the tips above to successfully find a sugar daddy on Instagram.

In conclusion, it should be easy to find yourself a sugar daddy by following these tips! Make sure to keep your Instagram account as search optimized as possible so that potential sugar daddies can find you, post the best selfies, and be open about the kind of relationship you are looking for with a sugar daddy. If you do all of these, chances are you will be successful, and don’t forget to have fun!




How to Find a Sugar Daddy

People used to joke about needing to find a sugar daddy, but now, it’s a reality for thousands of women. Often called “arrangement dating,” having a sugar daddy and being a sugar baby can help you pay for college or bills while getting to be treated like a queen. 

There are different types of dating arrangements, and not all of them are sexual in nature. Many women who become sugar babies never sleep with their sugar daddy, but it does happen a lot of the time. The actual details of your agreement will be made between you and a sugar daddy once you decide to start seeing each other more seriously. 

How do you find a sugar daddy in 2019? As with most things, the internet is your best resource. There are dozens of dating sites and even dating apps on your phone that you can use to find a sugar daddy (or daddies) near you. 

Where to get a sugar daddy

The most popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble typically aren’t used for sugar dating. Although there may be some men there who advertise themselves as sugar daddies, you can’t know for sure how much money they have or if they’re really who they say they are. 

In the past, Craigslist was a popular site to find sugar daddies online. Men would post an ad looking for a woman, and potential sugar babies would respond with photos and a description. The Craigslist personals section was once a bustling hub of activity, but it could also be extremely dangerous

On Craigslist, anyone could post an ad and invite a woman out or to their apartment. To prevent violence against women and sex trafficking, Craigslist terminated its personals section in response to the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2018. 

Now, women are using the internet and dating apps to find sugar daddies online. Below are a few of the resources you can take advantage of.

The ten common ways to find a sugar daddy

How to Find a Sugar Daddy
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If you want to find a sugar daddy online, then this site is right for you. Sugar Daddy Meet allows you to create a dating profile and start connecting with sugar daddies in your area.

There are plenty of dating criteria you can use to filter out the type of men you see, but most sugar daddy sites encourage men to make the first move. All you have to do is craft a good profile.


One of the most popular sites for sugar daddy dating is SeekingArrangement.com. Seeking Arrangement is the world’s largest sugar daddy dating site. The CEO of Seeking Arrangement has launched several other niche dating sites including SeekingMillionaire, Miss Travel, Carrot Dating (on mobile) and OpenMinded for polygamous and open relationships. 

You can sign up for a Seeking Arrangement profile for free, though there are exclusive benefits that come from paying for a membership.


Featured in Forbes, CNN, Business Insider and more, SugarDaddie has been around since 2002. With over 15 years in the sugar dating business, women can expect to find sugar daddies online with ease if they choose this site. There are offices in both Florida and the United Kingdom as well as helpful customer service that makes signing up and making connections easy. 


The SDM app takes Sugar Daddy Meet to mobile. You can access your account, respond to messages, browse potential dates and update your profile right from your phone. 

Seeking App

If you’re already a fan of Seeking Arrangement, make your experience more convenient by downloading the Seeking app on your iPhone or Android. This will make it easy to communicate with all of your potential sugar daddies on-the-go.


Finding sugar daddies online is typically not done outside of specific dating sites. The risk of encountering liars or even sex traffickers is far higher outside of a secure site, so many sugar babies avoid apps like Tinder. 

However, that doesn’t mean women haven’t had success on the app. If you’re going to use Tinder as a sugar daddy app, here are a few pointers:

  • Make your intentions clear in your bio. Write something like, “Seeking a generous gentleman who wants to spoil the woman in his life.”
  • Look for older men who are in their 40s and 50s with careers listed. Swipe right on those employed in high-paying fields like finance.
  • Do not agree to meet anyone in private, especially if it’s only the first meeting. Let him treat you to an expensive dinner instead.


Use your Instagram profile to cultivate the aura of a sophisticated, expensive woman who appreciates the finer things in life. Use high-quality selfies that show off your face and figure in plenty of nice outfits in good locations, i.e. the pool or a lounge. 

Search is Instagram’s main feature, so use the right hashtags. Some of the best for sugar babies are #spoil #sugarbaby #sugardaddy #seekingsugardaddy and #seekingarrangement. 

You can also use the search feature yourself and reach out to men who have tagged their photos with #sugardaddy or #seekingsugarbaby. If you investigate a man’s profile and he seems legit, reach out with a direct message. Men love confident women who aren’t afraid to make the first move.


Linkedin is a great place to find plenty of rich men with established careers, but dating is not common on this platform. Anyone who approaches you on Linkedin should not be taken seriously; most men with respectable careers wouldn’t risk their entire job by reaching out to a woman on a professional platform.


Like Instagram, the #sugardaddy tag could be your best way to find a sugar daddy on Twitter. However, similar to other forms of social media, it’s risky. Men can easily lie about their jobs, income and even post fake pictures. Tread lightly, and don’t offer any personal details, send nude photos or agree to meet up with someone as soon as you start talking.


There are some pages on Facebook that can help you find a sugar daddy. Seeking Arrangement has their own page, and you may notice someone who catches your eye liking posts or commenting on updates. 

It’s best to try and friend wealthy men and try to reach out to them that way. You could find doctors, lawyers and bankers in your city and start there. Look at their friends lists as well.

If you add a POT (potential sugar daddy) as a friend, you can start the conversation in a natural way without seeming desperate. Try something like this:

You: Hello

Him: Hello. Do I know you?

You: Facebook suggested you to me. Do you know anyone from (insert a business name in his field but not his actual company here)? 

Him: No, I don’t. We may have shared friends if you’re employed in (his field). 

You: I know some, but I don’t work in the field myself. Sorry to bother you. 

This can keep the doorway open and allow him to immediately follow up with, “Not a bother at all, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” or end the conversation. This can be an extremely risky method though, especially if you’re using your own personal account with your name, hometown and friends and family connected. 

In all honesty, the best thing to do is avoid common social media apps and leave sugar daddy dating to the professional sites. 


Craigslist used to be a good way to find a sugar daddy, but now, it’s a thing of the past. You can use social media to build up an attractive profile and generate attention from wealthy men using the right hashtags, but there are apps and dating sites that are perfect for finding your own sugar daddy. 

If you’re looking for a real sugar daddy, consider signing up for Seeking Arrangement or a similar site; there is greater identity verification there, and you’re much more likely to encounter someone honest about who they are and their intentions.



The Best Sugar Daddy Sites & Apps in 2020

Last update: April 28, 2020

Choosing the right sugar daddy websites is important to ensure that you get meaningful connections. If you are a woman looking for a sugar daddy, you want to be sure you are connecting with men who are affluent and stable. If you are a mature man seeking companionship, you want to connect with intelligent and sophisticated women. In both cases its vital that you have a system that offers powerful searching of an extensive membership. Let’s look at some of the best websites and apps for finding the perfect sugar relationship for you. 

The 8 Best Sugar Dating Sites to Find a Sugar Relationship

#1: SugarDaddyMeet.com


One of the most respected of all the sugar daddy sites, SugarDaddyMeet offers the chance to connect with affluent men of all backgrounds. These lonely and caring men are looking for long term paid companionship relationships. SugarDaddyMeet.com has a great search system as well as an easy to use profile set-up process. This means that it’s quick and simple to get started.

The membership comprises more than 420,000 sugar daddies looking for that special lady to devote their time and affections to. Some of the things that make SDM different are the “First Date Gifts” that help to entice you to accept the first date. These are offered by many members who are particularly interested in meeting you. The site also offers verified member status. Verified Members are confirmed by SDM to be exactly who and what they say they are. These men have been certified as being 100% non-fake, so you know at the beginning that you are not wasting your time. SDM also has a great mobile app so that you can stay connected and ready to meet a new sugar daddy anytime, anywhere.

For men, the advantage is having access to more than 1.4 million sugar babies from all over North America. SDM is one of the first paid relationship sites. They have an extensive database of women who are ready to date you right now. Don’t be lonely a minute longer. The joining process is super easy. Once you become verified you can start connecting immediately.

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#2: SeekingArrangement.com


With SeekingArrangement, sugar babies like you can seek out establish and experienced sugar daddies from all over. These men know how to treat a woman. They are ready to spend their time, money, and resources to make you happy. In return, they only ask for loyal companionship, fun dating, and exciting experiences. One of the most respected of all sugar sites, SeekingArrangement is a popular choice among sugar daters for good reason. The site offers the ability for women to make a connection to men who they would not normally have access to, and for men to find women who are interesting in being pampered and cared for without the normal strings and hang-ups of traditional dating.

SeekingArrangemnt.com is the leader in sugar dating for men who are looking to meet beautiful, intelligent, and fun women. These men are looking to mentor, be a benefactor to, and share exciting lives with these women. From shopping sprees to exotic vacations, to world-class dining, you will live the good life. At the same time, you just might find someone you can truly connect with. Making a connection is easy when you search for your sugar daddy through SeekingArrangement.com. 

For the generous, lonely sugar daddy looking for companionship, the benefit is a database of gorgeous women ready to share your life with you. They can’t wait to date you and engage with you in fun and exciting ways. The average ratio on the service is four babies per registered daddy. This puts the odds greatly in your favor for meeting someone quickly. Chances are you could be dating someone great this weekend.

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#3: SugarDaddyForMe.com


SugarDaddyForMe offers a unique take on the compensated relationship connection service. The site works to simplify the process down as streamlined as possible. This lets generous, caring, affluent men connect with attractive, and affectionate women fast.

For sugar babies, the site is easy to sign up and you can start making connections quickly. This site is perfect for connecting with all kinds of men, looking for everything from a fun companion to long-term arrangements. Some of these arrangements even blossom into real relationships leading to marriage. In fact, almost a quarter of the relationships that start out as sugar on this service convert to long-lasting committed relationships. 

For a sugar daddy, this sugar daddy site offers a chance to connect with a wide variety of women. These women come from all walks of life and range from gorgeous beauties to single moms, and more. SDFM even offers you three free days to get started. Use this time to explore the site, make your first connections, and maybe even set up a date. The sign-up process is amazingly easy and simple. Most men can be signed up and ready to go in less than an hour. That means that in most cases, you can be searching out sugar babies and making connections the same day you sign up and could even be going on a first date this weekend. 

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#4: SugarDaddie.com


One of the best sugar daddy website services in the world, SugarDaddie.com is the place to make real connections. SugarDaddie.com is different from other sites due to its high-quality standards for all profiles. All of the profiles are verified for legitimacy and detail before they are made public on the system. Regardless of if you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, you will quickly find that this site isn’t a waste of your time like some other sites with their recycled profiles and spambot accounts. 

SugarDaddie has a large membership of sugar daddies looking for attractive and energetic ladies. These men are looking for women who offer them more than they get with traditional dating. These generous men can’t wait to meet beautiful women and to shower them with affection, caring, and attention. These men are ready to sweep a woman off her feet and give her the life that she deserves. The search system at SugarDaddie.com is very easy to use. One of the unique components of this site is its profile photo standards. If you ever have any issues you can count on the dedicated customer service team to be there ready to help. 

For women, this is one of the best sites to be on. It offers one of the most diverse and deep ranging male membership of affluent and attentive men of any site on the web. These men want nothing more than to care for you and provide you with affection and tokens of appreciation. They have so much to give and they are looking for someone just like you to give it to. Over 500 men join the site daily, and most women are getting connection requests within a couple of hours of signing up. In addition, the in-depth searching system that allows you to find out everything you need about the men who you are possibly going to be dating before accepting a date.

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#5: WhatsYourPrice.com


WhatsYourPrice is a different kind of sugar daddy dating site. WYP takes the idea of sugar relationships to a new level by making things competitive. Datees, the term that the site uses for single attractive women who are looking for accommodation and affection post their profiles on the site. Daters, the term applied to the accomplished men who are lonely and looking to meet someone special to spend quality time with, bid on dates to entice the “datees” to select them. The higher the bid, a significant portion of which is paid to the young lady/“datee”, the higher the chance that she will select this gentleman from among the other suitors who are interested in them. After the young woman selects the winning “dater” the initial paid date happens. Fr this point it’s up to the individual parties if they wish to enter a sugar relationship. If they do enter a relationship, great, if not, then they are each free to return to the dating pool on the site.

This unique system lets men meet high-quality women interested in make a real connection. These women are ready to spend time with real men who are mature, established, and experienced. They are looking for men who know how to be caring companions, and compassionate friends. 

For women, the unique system offers a chance to be an in-demand commodity. You’ll have your pick of great men looking for companionship with someone interesting and fun. They want to spend time with affectionate women who are intelligent and one-of-a-kind.

Try WhatsYourPrice Now!

#6: EstablishedMen.com


EstablishedMen.com is a sugar daddy website which connects young, beautiful women with mature and experienced men. These individuals are looking to establish mutually beneficial relationships. The system at EstablishedMen.com is a little different than other sugar dating sites. The difference is that both sides have an equal capacity to seek out and connect with one another. This helps to build deeper and more meaningful relationships. This is one of the newer sites, and as such the database is smaller than that of the older sites. The site is growing rapidly, however, with hundreds of new users joining every week.

The service lets you send out gifts to profiles that you are interested in to attract more attention from them. This is a nice touch since it increases the chances of a man making a connection to a sugar baby quickly. Sending out gifts is free, except for the value of the gift of course, but unfortunately, fitting is not. Men must be a paid member to initiate a flirting interaction with a woman. One plus, however, is that the system does offer an open format chat room system as well as a direct message system that is available for free. Another advantage is that there is a private album system in place that lets you post more provocative and alluring photos if you so choose. This album is only available for paid members, and only premium members can see its contents and then only after you have connected with one another, which is a nice touch. 

The search system has a great number of filters, which help to narrow down your results to exactly what you are looking for. The majority of users have numerous public photos, but there is no requirement to have a photo on your profile. The information in the profiles is individually checked for accuracy and factuality. This does slightly increase the amount of time before a profile becomes active, but it helps to increase the quality of the system so it’s worth it. There is no wealth verification or statement system in place. This is due to the fact that while they do offer an abundance of sugar dating opportunities this is a site that offers matchmaking and dating services to everyone as well. 

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#7: SugarDaddy.com


SugarDaddy.com is one of the best sugar daddy website services for sugar dating around. The clean and web layout site is designed to make the searching and connecting process as easy and streamlined as possible. The service features a fully mobile-optimized layout. This means you can use the site on your PC, phone, or tablet without needing a separate app. 

SugarDaddy.com offers women a vast collection of men looking to connect with and date them. These men want to share their guidance, their affections, and their time with you. They want to shower you with romance, gifts, and accommodating in exchange for you filling a hole in their lives. 

For men, SugarDaddy.com is the premier sugar daddy site for seeking refined, beautiful, and sophisticated women. These women are looking for men who are above the level of what they normally have available to them. They are tired of playing games with men in their age and financial bracket and want more out of life. They want to spend time with men just like you; men who know how to treat a woman. 

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#8: SecretBenefits.com


Young attractive women are waiting to meet intelligent and mature men on SecretBenefits.com. This sugar daddy dating site offers an extensive female membership that’s eager to meet experienced men. These women are looking for men who don’t play games, know what a woman wants, and care about a woman’s needs. The men on the site are ready to share their life with others who they find interesting and fun. The search system is easy to use and allows for detailed filtering to find exactly what you are looking for. The system only shows women in the immediate area for men, and for women, you know that the men who are going to see your profile are all local and ready to meet you. 

The system uses a credit-based platform that rewards users with improved rankings and better exposure for positive reviews and interactions. In addition, the service uses a profile verification system that helps to eliminate 96% of fake profiles, ensuring that you have access to more high-quality members. This isn’t to say that the site doesn’t have a few limitations, for instance, unlike other sites listed here, there is no wealth verification system, do men cannot prove their affluence status. There is also, unfortunately, as of the writing of this description, no mobile app to make using the site easier for those who prefer to not use a browser-based experience on the go.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of this service versus some of the others on this list is that with SecretBenefits, all sugar babies use the site for free. That’s right, absolutely free membership for women who want to register as a sugar baby. On the flip side, sugar daddies have to possess a paid membership to do anything substantial on the site, this again helps to improve the site by limiting the number of men who are not high quality and actively seeking companionship for the long term with a caring and affectionate woman. 

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The Best Sugar Dating Apps to Find a Sugar Relationship

#1: SDM App


SDM is the official mobile app for SugarDaddyMeet.com. The app provides an easy to use portal for all the features of the Sugar Daddy Meet website. With this mobile app, you can register, browse, message, and more from your smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to better enjoy your time on the SugarDaddyMeet service from anywhere. This sugar daddy app supports push notifications and uses SSL to keep your data private.

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#2: Seeking App

Seeking App

Seeking is the official sugar daddy app for the popular Seeking Arrangement sugar dating service. The app provides you with all the features of the website so you can browse, connect, and share anywhere. The app is easy to use, and if you are not a member of SeekingArrangement.com you can join from within the app in minutes. The Seeking app has tens of thousands of users making connections. These users are beautiful women and wealthy, well-established men looking for companionship. These users are from all over North America and are actively looking for dating, romance, and fun.

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Rewards and Risks of Finding a Sugar Daddy on Craigslist

One of the most important websites for helping people get in touch with each other, Craigslist is often used by sugar daddies and sugar babies for that purpose. It’s like the modern version of classified ads in the back of newspapers. People use it to find dates, apartments, used cars, apartments and many other items. It covers all major and some smaller metropolitan areas. However, unlike classified ads, it’s entirely free to use. This makes it accessible to everyone, but that’s its weak point. Anyone might be on it. And you don’t want to hook up with just anyone.

It can help you find a good used kitchen table or a DJ gig. How about that special someone to meet your sexual or financial needs? As with anything, using Craigslist to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby has its positive and negative points.

Find a Sugar Daddy on Craigslist

Pros of Using It

1. It’s free.

Saving money is always a benefit. This is especially true of the sugar babies who are at least partially motivated by the need for addition income. However, some sugar daddy sites do give sugar babies free memberships.

2. It’s local.

This is especially important for people in smaller towns. In the large metropolitan areas there are large numbers of possibilities. That will not be true in smaller cities. People posting or browsing ads in that edition of Craigslist must stay closeby or travel there enough to make them interested.

3. Security.

If you’re diligent, you can put your ad up using a throw-away, email address with a fake name to keep your identity secure. Sugar daddy websites are much better protected than Craigslist, but off-shore banks should be better protected than sugar daddy websites, yet that didn’t stop the hackers who got hold of the Panama Papers.

Cons of Using Craigslist

1. It’s free.

Sugar daddies who can afford to help a woman out financially can afford the membership fees at a sugar daddy site. Men found on Craigslist are far more likely to be wannabes, scammers or worse.

2. It’s local.

In smaller cities there’s a significant chance you’ll run into someone you know, who you can identify just from their picture or even a few scanty details. Maybe the woman is a friend of your daughter’s or the man is a friend of your father’s. On a sugar daddy site it’s easier to avoid such unwanted encounters before you’re exchanging emails.

3. Security.

Many, though not all, sugar daddy sites require men to prove their income. They offer everyone the ability to prove they do not have a criminal history. They cannot guarantee none of their members are psychopaths, but using screening procedures to reduce the odds as much as possible. They also advise their members on how to avoid the many scammers seeking to prey on sugar daddies and sugar babies. There’s been a Craigslist Killer, but so far no sugar daddy website killer. If a man or woman does turn violent on you, you’ll have the website on your side, and they can help the police find him.

Of course, you should still use common sense. Meet the other person in public places at first. Don’t exchange photographs, especially ones you wouldn’t want posted on Facebook, until you know they well. Ask them detailed questions. If they keep their answers shallow and avoid going into depth about their related experiences, that’s a warning sign. Let the conversation get in-depth and personal, even though it lacks identifying details. If they can’t do that, maybe they’re shy, or maybe they’re trying to make up a false persona.

There’s no guarantee your information will never be made public, but unless you are targeted by the National Security Agency or Anonymous, your identity is a lot safer with a website providing professional security than on Craigslist. If you are targeted by NSA or Anonymous, you have bigger problems anyway.

4. Avoid scammers

If you post in an open place, you could get emails promoting “safe dating.” For a fee, they claim they’ll do a background check on anybody for you, but they check take your money and run.

Sugar daddies could run into con artists and scammers who bilk them for a lot of money while pretending to be a young woman the daddy has come to care about. If they’re married or have a conservative job, they could be vulnerable to blackmail.